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Roasting education resources

When I first started getting interested in roasting I found it was really quite hard to find quality information on the subject, yes there were people giving vague explanations on some of the forums but none of that A through Z solid approaches to learning a new skill.  When I spoke to local roasters it was like a secret society and I was conspiring to either steal their profiles or compete against their business  when all I was doing was trying to learn another aspect of this amazing brown stuff.

5 years on luckily things have changed a little bit and there are some quality places and people offering some great information, a quick disclaimer though roasting at it's essence is a sensory thing, don't let numbers and gadgets ever replace your senses, develop your senses first supported by the numbers and remember If it tastes good in the cup, you got it right.

If you know of some decent roasting websites, videos or text list them up here for all to see.

For me some of the  places that really offered some direction were ( just google them)

Coffee Shrub -          The turning point of my learning
Boot Camp Coffee -  Some free stuff and an online course (paid - which I did for 2 years)
Tim Wendleboe -      youtube - covers a wide range of coffee information from brewing to roasting
Nordic Barista -        youtube - intermediate to super geeky (don't get to comfortable you may fall asleep on some of these)
James Freeman -      Blue Bottle Coffee - A very interesting man who has some very good Q&A videos etc
Mill City Roasters -    youtube -Just came across these guys and there Roaster School, brilliant for new roasters and others.
Scott Rao -              The Coffee Roasters Companion. Book. - A great overview and for taking your roasting to the next level.
Rob Hoos -              Modulating the Flavor Profile of Coffee. Book. - More technical than Scotts book.

All these resources I found some great learning on and still do, my learning is based on small commercial drum roasting but whatever you roast on from a popper, corretto , fluid bed, air or drum roaster the basic principals apply, were all adding/using heat, air and time to turn the green stuff brown and hoping that it's tasty in the cup.

Again if you have some favourite, useful roasting sites  or even questions on roasting, cupping, blending or green beans, post them up here.

Happy Roasting

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