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Ponte Vecchio Lusso - anyone got a spare set of seals laying around?

edited September 2016 in Accessories

Just wondering if anyone having owned a PV Lusso might have a set of 3 piston seals and a Group head Gasket/seal laying about wanting themselves to get back into some coffee production activity .. for purchase, of course.  :thumb:

Just putting it out there

Ive sent Jack from Sorrentina an email but haven't heard back from him as yet. No idea whether he is still in the biz??
I haven't been in touch since 2013. Otherwise I'll have to import some from Italy

Apparently, according to Jack .. back in the day, there was a problem with the seals in some of the 2 Group machines he sold due to a bad batch.
He contacted Ponte Vecchio in Italy to get some replacements sent out. As it turned out .. the seals sent were the ones for the 1 Group machines that didn't fit the 2 Group that he'd sold.. so I figure he'd probably still have the seals that I'm after still laying around ... if only I could contact him.
Unfortunately, there is no Phone number on his website.

I have made enquiries in Italy .. and asked about the seals being different .. their reply was that the 1 & 2 Group seals are the same.
I'd hate to get a set from Italy and finding out they didn't fit  :head:

I have a Gaggia Baby in the cupboard needing a repair. It's like brand new but something is wrong with it. Have thought on more than a few occasions .. I should get that fixed so that when my PV Lusso is out of action ... I'd have a spare to fall back on.

Shame I didn't follow through with that ... cause it would come in handy .. right about now ----> another one of those --->  :head:


  • Hi Moon, I cant comment on any of the above except to say that what the manufacturer advised you ***should** be the only possible logical reply ie the seals for 1 and 2 group machines should all be the same (because no ***sensible*** manufCTURER would use groups requiring different seals across its range...).  That is, logically.... at some point there may have been a problem with a batch of seals not fitting properly, where logically they should all have been the same as the original supply - as fitted.... I dont remember if these machines had individual serial numbers or not (yes...some manufacturers do that as in dont put serial numbers on individual machines)....and assuming they do (as they logically should), the best you can do is give the manufacturer the serial number and probable (if not actual) year (and month) of manufacture of your machine and let them supply. ***Shouldn't***be a problem. Famous last words..... Hope that helps. 
  • Cheers for the reply FC I ended up ordering a set of seals from Italy (not the manufacturer) 3 piston and 1 Group seal - cost 29Euro (23 for the seals + 6 shipping) = AU$44.33 This is Priority World Wide mail .. but no tracking. Considered getting an extra Group seal .. but then thought .. seeing I'd have to go through the process of changing the Group seal .. I might as well change the pPiston seals whilst I have it dismantled. I hear the Silicon lubricant is the best to use for the seals .. only this is expensive stuff and comes in a jar with enough to last a thousand years. I'll have to keep looking for a small tube .. can't quite digest paying $40 bucks for a couple of smears. No idea whether the cheap gear does the job .. even if it is high temperature and water resistant. Could be onlyVaseline all dressed up? Feel free to provide a heads-up on a small tube of the silicon. I'll have more of a look around. The seals could take 2 weeks to arrive. Doesn't sound like it's coming by plane unless it's circumventing the Globe before landing in Australia. When getting my PV Lusso from Italy .. it had to go iirc .. through Belgium .. then through Switzerland .. then to the English Channel by Courier Truck to get loaded onto a Ship. Following the tracking was full on. These seals better not get lost ... it'll be 2 1/2 weeks without my Coffee machine ... I'm going to a local Cafe for 1 large latte per day atm. It is nice to have a different Coffee .. and this mob do make a very nice one .. I get the Barista to put in an extra shot .. making it 3 If I'm going to be on rations ... I want it to be a bit of a kicker. Well, actually the coffee they use is pretty mild, and his shots are small .. so the Coffee flavour is very nice. It doesn't need to be that dark chocolatey colour ... although I wouldn't be complaining if it was. I can handle a fist coffee in the morning that has a kick like a mule  8)
  • Small tubes of food grade silicone grease are widely available, for example jaycar have 30g for $10
  • Cheers sourdawg. There is a Jaycar up the road from me .. thanks for the tip  :thumb:
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