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Welcome special from Coffee Curators

Good Morning coffee enthusiasts!

Coffee Curators would like to welcome all members of 'The Coffee Forum' with a welcome special. We have been working to increase our offerings before releasing this offer and would now like to offer 10% of all coffee's till October 31 for forum members.
The offer code will be 'WELCOMECREMA' in the shopping bag.

There is no minimum and the 10% will also apply on top of the 10kg bulk discount.

Thanks all!

Any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

[email protected]



  • Good Morning all just an amendment to a few coffee's that I intended to change sometime back but slipped my mind. Our bulk pricing and orders are now for 5kg and up (please ignore the 10kg in the previous post) I have amended this on all of the coffee's that I had not as yet changed. I have also added a few more coffee's and will there will be more to come. Don't forget to use WELCOMECREMA in the Coupon Code and enjoy a further 10% off the bulk discount till October 31! Cheers!
  • Good on you mate!  Good luck with the business!!
  • G'day mate. I can't see the bulk pricing on your website. I'd be interested in 10kg + orders. Can we locals pick up direct to save shipping ?
  • on 1474891559:
    G'day mate. I can't see the bulk pricing on your website. I'd be interested in 10kg + orders. Can we locals pick up direct to save shipping ?
    G'day bud, if you click on a coffee it will give you the bulk pricing just below the list price. Bulk orders begin from 5kg and up, and yes locals can opt for a pick up to save on shipping in the checkout just change your shipping option to 'Pick up' we can arrange the pick up via email if you like. Where about in Brisbane are you? If you have any issues just send me a message and I'll print screen it for you. Cheers!
  • I'm in Graceville mate. Where abouts are you located ?
  • I'm in Moggill. I'd be happy to deliver it free of charge bud just put in pick up so you don't get charged freight and don't forget to use WELCOMECREMA in the coupon code if you decide to purchase anything. Cheers!
  • Hey guys, just a quick update. I've been endeavoring to add as many coffee's as possible while the welcome special is on. Our latest arrivals are the Costa Rican dedota Microlot, Colombia El Jardin and Honduras Liquidambar..... I am very excited about all of them and will be roasting it myself in time. I'll be adding a couple more if possible soon, may even get my hands on some geisha if possible. Keep your eyes peeled for updates! :thumb: For those who live on the west side of Brisbane (Toowong to Moggill) please contact me ([email protected]) prior to ordering as I may be able to deliver to your door without any charge. Cheers!!
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