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Colombian Buena Vista COE winner 2015

Ordered some green beans last week from our new sponsor - Coffee Curators, including 2015 Colombian COE winner from "Buena Vista" which I was very keen to try.  As I mentioned in another thread, the service and delivery was great, so I didn't have long to wait.

The first batch I roasted started to get away from me at the end and I had to hurriedly stop and cool them a bit sooner than expected. I wanted to stop at the first snaps of 2C, but it went quickly from a couple of snaps into several more, and was probably close to rolling when I stopped and started cooling. It looked dark and just a little shiny, but not oily.
So next day I did another batch - very similar ramp up to first crack, then backed off a little so that this roast ran for 30 seconds longer, but ended a couple of degrees lower, at the very first snap of 2C.

I should say at this point that I don't have an educated palate, quite the opposite in fact. So I will not be reporting any of the finer nuances - no faint hints of fruits, herbs, flowers, etc. Just my very basic take on this bean as a short black and as a flat white.

It's now nearly a week post roast, and both batches are good and getting better. If this bean is like another good quality Colombian I have, they will probably improve a little more over the next week.

Both are drinking well as black or white. Both have good body and some dark chocolate flavour. The first batch is nice but slightly bitter-sweet, and I prefer this one with milk rather than black.   
The second is just as I like it, smooth, slightly sweet with a bit of  dark chocolate and very nice as a short black or in milk. If this batch continues to mellow as I expect, it will be right up there with my favourite bean.

For my next batch I might try stopping a couple of degrees lower still to see what that does for the flavour.
I'm also curious as to how this bean will blend. perhaps with a Peruvian base bean, or with the Brazil Ipanema Dulce that I also got from Coffee Curators.  I roasted a batch of the Brazil  yesterday and will try a post-roast blend of it with the Buena Vista after a few days rest. 
But I suspect that I will probably drink this one mostly as an S.O.

I also have some of CC's Costa Rica Tarrazu to try too.  That one will have to wait a few days at least.  I'm already a bit over caffeinated this week.  So many new beans to try - so little time !!


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