After the old forum software breaking in a way that we were unable to fix, we've migrated the site to a new platform.

Some elements aren't working as we'd hoped - some avatars didn't survive the transition, and we're still having issues with attachments that weren't added as inline images, but we're hoping to have that all sorted out soon.

Re-open and Welcome special continued

Good Afternoon All!

We're Back!!

I apologise for the length of time of the site closure and my absence from the forum It's been a bit of a roller coaster here  ???  but now that we have reached sunny days  ;D we are open again. :thumb:
However recent events will be occupying my time sporadically till mid January as such I have increased the discount to 15% till November 30 to make up for any possibility of a delayed service. Since we are based on quality and service I feel it only fair to offer this in the unlikely event of any delay; a delay in service will be a maximum of 1 day I will however be contactable via email 5 days a week and occasionally on the weekend.

Remember to use WELCOMECREMA in the checkout and click Apply.

Please feel free to contact Coffee Curators for any further queries
[email protected]
[email protected]

While I will try and get onto the forum as much as possible it will not be as much as I like so I thank you in advance for your understanding for any delay to PM reply's via the forum.

Keep an eye out for some delicious 85+ coffee's on there way over the next couple of months.

Cheers & Thanks everyone!

Coffee Curators
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