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Aslan Coffee - Sulawesi Toraja

It's taken a while for us to get settled in Sydney and have the time to go hunting for coffee beans that are out of the ordinary.

One such roaster I'm glad I've found is Aslan Coffee.

My wife and I felt we needed a break from high acidity, fruity coffee and went on the hunt for some odd school choc-nut flavor.

The Sulawesi Toraja fit the bill.

Still bold, but with a complex nutty flavor and ever so slightly sweet it went very nicely as espresso, but even better with milk.

It lingered nicely on the palate and I've just ordered another kilo to see if we continue to enjoy it.

Highly recommended. If you're in the area of Alchemy coffee, it might be worth skipping the lines and heading over to Aslan's nearby cafe.

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