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New tool for group head cleaning

edited January 1970 in Accessories
This is for those with machines that don't have a 3 way solenoid. Lever machines, or smaller machines are a good use case.

It's a silicon tool designed to fit in any two-lug portafilter slot and spread the water around the shower screen and the area near the seal during a flush.

Looks interesting. I know a couple of people who've put in an order. Will report back.

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  • Thanks for posting that Kelsey, I am looking for such an implement and look forward to your review.
  • $42USD in tax and shipping...  usually I'm a sucker for these type of things and am very happy spend the money but at that price I'll keep dropping the screen and brushing the group.  It only takes 30 seconds and is no difficult task.  Also, my draw is filling up fast with paraphernalia I use once or twice :(
  • Clean water back flush after every session combined with remove and clean screen/seal weekly then back flush with Caffetto or similar does the job for me. :)
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