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Lever style knobs for unico splendor

Hi guys,

This may seem like sacrilege for some in terms of adding a mod onto A diadema unico splendor. I just wanted to know if it was possible to replace the current turn style knobs for milk and hot water to the newer lever style employed on some of the newer machines we see coming out from other brands. I like the idea and functionality of the lever style knobs for instant steam access but am not sure how it would look let alone if it's even possible?

If so would it be easy to do and how much would a mod like that set you back?


  • Ive had it done to some of my machines in the past but I've always paid for the privilege and I can't remember off hand but I can't remember it being prohibitively expensive It does require some expertise and  know  how though, and unless you're pretty handy yourself you may just be better off getting a professional coffee machine mechanic to do it for you Hope this helps, Pat
  • Thanks for your response Pat. Yes I agree I certainly wouldn't give it a go by myself . I don't even have the cherries the change an o ring on my anti vac valve at the moment! It was more to get an indicative vibe on if it's possible and easily doable from a techs point of view as that would probably dictate pricing also. Although I do see a lot of machine retailers these days giving people the option of swapping levers and knobs without costs when they first purchase which is why I thought they wouldn't be as difficult to swap over. Anyone got lever style knobs on a diadema?
  • Bezzera have those levers If the thread size is the same then they should easily fit / swap over KK
  • Thanks Kk, I'll need to start saving up for the project as my wallet has taken a serious hit of late!
  • I investigated  exactly this modification for the splendour when I had one.  My biggest issue apart from the cost was modifying something that already worked well and paying handsomely for the possibly of compromising its future performance and reliability.  In shore, unless you suffer a mobility issue then might be better avenues to spend your money.  Sorry I've gotta go, somebody just said roaster.
  • Thanks for been the sensible voice on my right shoulder Brett . I actually thought it wouldn't have been to expensive to mod but I guess I could be wrong. Any other ideas on what I can blow my money on? Hahahah
  • It shouldn't be an exensive mod a coupla hunna should ...
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