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Need a new Grinder

edited January 1970 in Grinders
Hi everyone,

I'm in need of some advice on a new grinder. The old one doesn't cut it anymore and as I'm about to get a new roaster I would like to upgrade. Any advice would be wonderful, no budget really however a really nice home station would be great. Thanks.

If you would like throw in suggestions on a decent espresso machine as well be my guest.

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  • Everyone has their own preferences and so far as personal choices for Espresso machines goes and I suppose it's horses for courses here. My personal preference is for a semi commercial single group coffee machine which is why I settled on the rancilio epoca  coupled with a mazzer super Jolly grinder I just love the industrial nature of both of these machines They take up a lot of bench space but also make fantastic coffee But that might be a bit more Firepower than what you need Ive owned a bunch of coffee machines  from prosumer to semi commercial and there's many great machines out there you might want to hit up some of our sponsors for further advice as I'm sure they will be able to guide you and even have a potential site member discount? otherwise I'm happy to make so e recommendation​s if you PM me Best, Pat
  • Thanks for the advice Pat. The mazzer looks really good, the rancilio does look a bit much at the moment however I am trying to buy equipment that will assist me down the track in a larger setting so I am on 2 minds at the moment on that. Where can I find a list of our sponsors? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • Hi mate, I too have commercial grinders and would never go back.  I also have some domestic grinders including the ubiquitous sunbeam and breville (which is the only domestic grinder to find the bin of all I've owned), and the domestics just aren't as good.  Funny thing is, no matter what you buy there is a learning curve; and, I can guarantee a gun barista will get a better coffee out of a Macao domestic than I will out of my K10 conical! Chat with KBean... he's the man with his ear to the machinery ground!
  • Ok will do Brett thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • The following machines would be my pick of the bunch for each category. This isn't based on using any of them for any length of time (I have had a play on a couple), but rather on using many other machines and formulating a list of desirable features. So this is kind of my wish list if you like if I were to go shopping with no budget constraints. Grinder: • Macap M4D • Quamar Q50P • Compak of some sort (probably E5) Dual Boiler Prosumer: • Profitec Pro 700 • Rocket R58 • ECM Synchronika II Prosumer HX: • Rocket Appartamento • ECM Technika (Or whichever you can get the best deal on from the wide range of reputable makes such as Lelit, Bezzera, Diadema, etc.) Lever operated: • Profitec Pro 800 • Londinium R • Bezzera Strega Semi-commercial: • Faema E98 Compact • Wega Mininova (or one of its other brandings such as Astoria CKXE) (I like both of these as they have built in tanks but can also be plumbed in and have good quality volumetrics). Is your head spinning yet? LOL!
  • Unreal Leroy thanks a lot. At the end of the day I'll choose something but all this info will be a huge help. Do we have any sponsors that might sell this equipment? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • We have a list of sponsors section on the home page DW As for a grinder I have owned a few and tried dozens of others My preference is Large Flat blade like a Mazzer Major Large Conical of any of these brands. Mazzer BNZ Compak Koni, Robur - MD74 - K10 Nothing comes close to this type of grinder On top of that, I prefer the old fashion doser mechanism over the new electronic doser less As to an espresso machine Any prosumer Lever machine - I just like them better - but may not suit all KK
  • Great list Leroy! I'd add: Prosumer HX: Diadema Unico Splendor prosumer DB: Diadema Junior Extra PID I've owned and maintained both machines and they are robust, reliable and mighty fine performers as well as being a bit cheaper than the competition and far better looking ;)
  • Ok so Lever controlled machines. Can any shed some light on the difference between lever and automated??? I have never seen one in action nor know why you would use one. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • This video below is me pulling a shot on my Strega
  • Thanks a lot for that KK, I feel that isn't really for me at this stage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • on 1491462602:
    Thanks a lot for that KK, I feel that isn't really for me at this stage. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    Now you know what you don't want Just remember that YouTube is your friend Any machine or grinder that is recommended on this thread can be searched and viewed on video so you can see it working KK 
  • on 1491460491:
    This video is me pulling a shot on my Strega
    Damnit KK! Now I need to mop up the pool of drool on the floor! LOL. I haven't watched that vid for a while! As good as ever.
  • on 1491468092:
    Damnit KK! Now I need to mop up the pool of drool on the floor! LOL. I haven't watched that vid for a while! As good as ever.
    That's one of the reasons I haven't looked sideways since I got my Strega In that video you see what is a dally occurrence for me KK
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