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Alternative Brewing Symposium

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Alternative Brewing Symposium

After the success of our first event "Tastebud Temptations" in December last year, we are pleased to announce our next event to be held on Saturday 6th May 2017.  Due to the overwhelming number of people who attended our first event, we have decided to split this next event into 2 sessions (which run 2-2.5 hours), the first starting at 9am and the second session starting at midday:
Alternative Brewing Symposium – When & Why to Use Alternative Brewing Methods

During each session, we will be demonstrating three different ways of making coffee including Cold Drip, Syphon Brewing and Pour Over Brewing.  There will also be advice provided as to the best way of enjoying the coffee resulting from these brewing methods.

As space is limited, please register by clicking on the link below:

Alternative Brewing Symposium – Session 1 – 9am to 11:30am Registration

Alternative Brewing Symposium – Session 2 – 12pm to 2:30pm Registration

PLEASE NOTE:  This will be an adult only event.

Alternative Brewing Symposium Schedule – Session 1
9:00am Cold Brewing
9:45am Syphon Brewing
10:30am Chemex & V60 Pour Over

Alternative Brewing Symposium Schedule – Session 2
12:00pm Cold Brewing
12:45pm Syphon Brewing
1:30pm Chemex & V60 Pour Over
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