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Hario Water Dripper 'POTA' Bronze

edited January 1970 in Other Brewing Methods
Hi coffee enthusiasts, I'm new to the cold drip world and have recently got my hands on a second hand hario cold brew device. I have follow 1:11 coffee to water ratio with 0.8 drip rate. The recipe said it would take 9 hours but mine went through in nearly 3 hours. The only information I can find on my device is that it should take around 3 hours to make cold brew as the filter has multiple holes making it faster. However it did not taste good, no floral light coffee like I expected. Also I wasn't sure if I had made a concentration of a ready to drink brew. The coffee beans however were on he darker side of a roast. Any help would be great as I hate wasting coffee as fun as it is to experiment. I'm also using distilled pure water.


  • Hi Ash and welcome!  I can't help you with that particular device but I would advise a finer grind and a lighter roast. As with all things extraction "how long is a piece of string?"  Just take notes add adjust accordingly.  Hopefully you'll have sometime g drinkable soo we rather than later to save the old hip pocket. Welcome mate and good luck!
  • Thanks Brett, I'll give those suggestions a try thanks. Do you know if there are any given rules I can work with to tinker my recipe. For example longer brew time the more bitters and less time more sour notes? I can't find anyone that has this brewer. I also realise saying it didn't taste good wasn't helpful hah. It tasted very strong and bitter.
  • We have some cold-brew gurus on the site so here's hoping they pop along.
  • whats the capacity of the device how much coffee are you using and how much water is going in and how much coffee is coming out? Just a thought but if the extraction process is running too fast then you probably need a finer grind for your coffee I make cold brew for a living so im happy to provide some insights best pat
  • Hi Ash, I used to use one of these units. Great quality and great results. My rule of thumb with cold brew is 1g coffee to get 5ml of extract. From memory, the pota was 60g coffee to 300 ml extract. Enjoy these toy. Paul K Bean - Home Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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