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Londinium funnel and distribution tool

edited January 1970 in Accessories
I've just received the Londinium dosing funnel and distribution tool.

They're meant to be used together - add the funnel to your portafilter and either grind directly into it, or pour your grinds into it.

Use the distribution tool to whisk. Tamp and go.

The difference in the cup is incredible.

Having an e10 grinder, I don't bother weighing. I just eyeball my dose and tamp. It's led to a great deal of inconsistency in my pours which has been exacerbated by regular channeling.

Since getting the tool yesterday ever pour has been bang on. Extractions are perfect and I've had zero channeling, which was my biggest issue before.

It adds virtually no extra time to prep and the funnel prevents grinds going everywhere.



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  • Thanks Kelsey for sharing! Does look really well made but the price is a bit dear.... Is it better than doing WDT with a thin dissecting needle or a shaved-down chopstick (what I'm using)? For context I am a cheapo and save where I can (and splurge where I shouldn't!)  :P For funnel, I have been using the same repurposed Gippsland yogurt cup for ages...can show some piccies of my distribution tool if there's any interest!  :rofl:
  • Hi Sam, I've been doing distribution using a cocktail fork previously as well as a toothstick. I can report that this is definitely a better option than those - it certainly creates a very fluffy mound of grinds. Other users on the Londinium forum have reported the same, but as always YMMV. :) For Londinium owners, the other nice bit is that the handle matches exactly the hot water/steam toggles on your machine.
  • Thanks Kelsey. I visited the Londinium forum and indeed the other posters are finding the same. Yet another temptation, as if I need more in my coffee journey.  >:D  :laugh:
  • Yes, the gear is as addictive as the substance!
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