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Baratza Sette 270W Weighing Accuracy

edited January 1970 in Grinders
Hi guys,

I have been using a Baratza Sette 270 for several weeks now and love it. It sits beside my Quamar Q50P.

The Sette is quicker, the grind is fluffier and it give you a shot with a brighter, more complex conical burr profile. Grind consistency is fantastic as well. The places the Q50P wins are in proven durability and good looks.

Now, today I tested the Baratza Sette 270W (weighing model) and was blown away my the weighing accuracy. I set to grind 14g, then removed for a tap down and put it back for another 7g to get my 21g total.

Both times I checked on my Acaia scale and both times the final reading was 21.0 grams.

I kid you not. It was with a customer and I told him that if I post this people won't believe it. JUST AMAZING TECH.

K Bean - Buyer's Guide


  • Ah wow sounds like a cracker of a grinder... Semi-making me rethink my recent Q50P purchase!! :S Nah am sure I'll be stoked with it.. what's the build quality like for the Sette Paul? But that's fantastic spot-on dosing right there...
  • Wow... that's a great looking grinder.  Now my deal-breaking question..... what's it like for grind retention and GULP... single dosing?? Edit...BTW...  I had to look for it because the page listed above is missing
  • Good points above. Re Quamar Q50P v Sette I would go for the Q50P for durability so correct choice Simon :) Brett, grind retention is negligible with a Sette. No chute to hold stale grind. I'll try that link again: K Bean - Coffee Machines Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  • That's awesome little to no grind retention... seems as though it just drops and grinds straight through vertically into the portafilter... I just watched a video of a Q50P and the fellow was measuring what went in, what came out, and also measured along the way if he cleared and ground what was left in the burrs, cleared the chute etc. Eventually got to exactly what he put in, was about 2g retention from the start or so
  • wow a smart looking functional grinder at a great price - Ive got a Super Jolly which I only really break out for coffee catering or for combined family camping trips, and my old faithful SB cafe series which just keeps going strong - but im feeling the need for an upgrade on the SB! P
  • Oh yep - time for the SB to move to the laundry for grinding for pourover, cold drip, etc. That's where I have my 3rd Grinder. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  • Well. I went back to another forum to view my posts re the Baratza Sette - and my posts had been wiped. My CIME CO-01 review and the CIME thread has also vanished. ... many hours of work up in a puff of smoke - pretty disappointing.
  • Same happened over that way with the E61 Shuttle.  The commercial skullduggery and pseudo-information over there is why we 'The Boat Rockers" are over here.  Your price on the Sette is cheaper than any if the other sponsors so that too will be a sore point.  Us the Sette as noisy as they reckon?  My K10 is nice and quiet... what's the db on one of those at 30cm?
  • Ah that's weird... I have noticed most if not all of posts have just been removed entirely, but there's still info in posts where yours are "quoted", just dunno if Baratza and CIME info was quoted... sorry to hear
  • All good Simon. I'm moving forward - onwards and upwards :)
  • Unfortunate, as I THOUGHT the forums were all about discussing.... coffee (and everything about coffee)?? Does that mean I can't talk about how much I enjoyed my Weetbix this morning as people may convert from La Marzoccos to Weetbix?? XD
  • Found a little info on the Baratza Sette 270W quoted from a member (hope he doesn't mind!) "Its noisy but I'm not sure it's that much noticeable than other grinders. It is fast though, so you may not get time to shut the cupboard door let alone hear it :). Actually jokes aside If you continue to go that for soundproofing there is a couple of seconds delay after hitting the grind button whilst it weighs/Tares the PF and starts to grind. Oh that's the 'W' version with in built scales, which is @ $600. The non Scale version is cheaper again. I bought mine about 3 weeks ago from Paul @ K-Bean and loving the consistent, fluffy grinds - no clumping. It's also a nice compact size, I think comparable to the Smart Grinder. Super easy to clean with minimal retention."
  • on 1501487040:
    Unfortunate, as I THOUGHT the forums were all about discussing.... coffee (and everything about coffee)?? Does that mean I can't talk about how much I enjoyed my Weetbix this morning as people may convert from La Marzoccos to Weetbix?? XD
    Funny that, hey... I'm a member on a few forums spanning various interests, yet it's only one particular coffee forum that has constant censorship of anything the sponsors don't like. Most of the other forums cover costs by selling advertising space rather than the sponsorship model, though. Years ago when it had just launched, I had a post 'over there' about Beanhunter moderated into oblivion because Beanhunter has ads and they might be for a sponsor's competitor. [emoji849] All of which is fine, provided everyone knows about the rules up-front and doesn't mistake the forum for a neutral, community-driven source of information, rather than a private billboard where endorsements are bought and paid for. Anyway, the Baratza Sette, eh... I like the sound of those figures for accuracy - in fact I'd consider one if they were a bit more classic in style [emoji848]
  • I have done my fair share of game playing on another forum. I'm not proud of that, but game playing was part of the deal. Without playing I would have been eaten alive. I'm completely over it now and want to get back to no nonsense hobby posting right here :)
  • Sounds great :D [emoji106]
  • I just make coffee  :pan :pan :stir :stir :rofl: :rofl:
  • on 1501502419:
    I just make coffee  :pan :pan :stir :stir :rofl: :rofl:
    That's what it's all about :)
  • on 1501480566:
    ... what's the db on one of those at 30cm?
    Not sure Brett. Noise isn't an issue for me. It's much quieter than a Sunbeam or Breville that's for sure :) K Bean - Baratza Sette
  • noise i can handle so long as shot quality and particle size stack up - if it tastes good in the cup Im half way there already!
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