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My wife asked me for a fruit choc blend.
While all of the coffees I use are excellent Single Origins, I enjoy tweaking a blend.
The preference is for a coffee with a sweet toffee finish, some chocolate tones, but a fruity berry aftertaste that lingers. This is what I came up with.


Burundi (Stewed strawberries, intense body)
Costa Rica Tirra Estate Red honey (Boozy Berries, heavy body, sweet finish)
Ethiopia Yirg Aricha (Apricots with a toffee finish)
Guatemala Punda natural (Intense inky cup, Sticky toffee with chocolate finish. Very sweet)
Indonesia Sumatra Onan Ganjang (Sweet toffee, some berries. Heavy syrupy mouth feel)
India Kelagur Heights (Sweet berry with chocolate and toffee finish)
Brazil Sitio (Juicy sweet body. Chocolate butter finish)
Brazil Ipanema (Berries, stonefruit. Slight hazelnut. Creamy sweet chocolate.)

Apricots, milk chocolate and toffee.
Ethiopia         40%
Brazil Sitio 40%
Indonesia         20%
Intense berries, sweet sticky toffee and milk chocolate.
Costa Rica 40%
Guatemala Punda 20%
Brazil (any) 20%
India (or Indo) 20%

Burundi bomb.
Intense juicy berries. Followed by sweet sticky body with a hint of milk choc in milky drinks.
Burundi 50%
Brazil 25%
Guatemala Punda 25%

I roast to the cusp of second crack, sometimes a little before. I aim for sweet espresso, with tons of body and mouth feel. The Brazils are tipped before second crack and are very sweet. The Burundi is a favourite, and is roasted to the edge of second crack. It results in a very sweet espresso, with balanced acidity and body. My daughters prefer it 50/50 with a Brazil. All coffee is blended post roast, as it allows all sorts of experimentation with ratios.


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