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Looking for a coffee gigs (roasting, training etc.)


I will arrive in Australia beginning of October and will be looking for gigs or a gig for up to two months.
I'll arrive for a week or so to Brisbane and then will head to Melbourne area. But no specific timelines etc.

I can offer:
- Training, for coffee roasting.
- Help to develop roasting profiles.
- Repair roasting practices and workflow.
- Teach, profile sample roasting.
- Teach coffee brewing and principles.
- Barista trainings
- Can do some simple help work too.

Preferably in Melbourne and area. East Coast is ok too. Or if there is something really cool project then it really doesn't matter where in AU.

Or maybe you know of someone who might need a help?

And shortly about me too:
My name is Ramond Feil and I have a background of 12 years in Specialty Coffee with 8 out of these as a Coffee Master Roaster, trainer and production manager & Barista trainer/coach. I have also been responsible for product & quality development and control.

For more details on me, you can find here on Linkedin:

If you'd like to have a conversation or have an offer or questions for me then please write: [email protected]
Or you can just drop your thoughts here too :)

I'll be looking forward!


  • Hi collective of coffee people, Still looking for available gigs! Tuesday I'll arrive in Sydney for 5-? days. After that, I'll head to South. If anyone is interested don't be shy to contact me. Cheers,
  • hey mate try jumping on gumtree or seek or coffeejobs to see whats listed there and perhaps try speaking to coffee roasters direct in our area or in the places that you plan on visiting hope this helps, best, ACG
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