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Using a drill with a hand grinder such as Porlex...

edited January 1970 in Grinders
Thinking about how I can use a drill to speed up my Porlex hand grinder. Drill in one hand, grinder in the other. Drill clicks into top of grinder. Drill drills. Coffee grinds. Happy days.

Has anyone done it before?


  • I'm sure it's been done quite a lot mate.  Now, what sort of drill-driver are you using.... there another set of potential bragging-rights right there :)
  • Indeed it has! aaaaaaaaaaand I've ordered one of these... So excited. Wife not so much. What could possibly go wrong?
  • I used to pop my old Stellar hand grinder in the drill press at work. It had a threaded rod at the top so I was able to put an acorn nut on it and worked really well. I’ve seen plenty of people do similar with a hand drill. In fact one of the competitors in the Aeropress comp I went in a couple of months ago did just this with his Porlex tall and a Makita cordless drill.
  • Yeah I've done it and it works quite well. Just make sure you don't go nuts running the drill flat out continuously as you'd probably heat up the grinder burning the coffee and probably wearing out the grinder.
  • Nah Nate, bigger is better in this upraditis focused hobby. I'm now off to the cocal coffee retailer for one of these....  :rofl:
  • P.s I'm not a huge fan of hand-grinders but I like the hack. Especially if the state government are talking about load-shedding for power supply this summer.
  • It's so cool that they can 3D print a drill bit on demand. Could there be a more niche product than some weirdo like me attaching drills to coffee grinders? I think not. The two long black cupping ritual is about to get even better! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • I've got a bunch of hand mills never thought about modding them like this though ! ACG
  • I used this setup a while back. Just dragged the pic from my Instagram :) 755d26dc91932e14fa833a07a84c9a6b.jpg
  • It makes a hand grinder less portable which is why I own one (for travel). Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  • yeah ive got a few as well but given ive got 4 electric grinders too I cant see the benefit for me personally .... but I love the idea! P
  • ... it was fun to try out, and it worked. Long term it's only going to damage your hand grinder though. Too much torque :) Cheers, Paul K Bean - Coffee Machines Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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