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Perth North Roaster

I'm very new to the finer points of coffee and have only just started grinding at home. I began with supermarket roast beans but then I decided to seek out a local Perth roaster.
Simply by locality I found a roaster, (non site sponsor name removed), in the next suburb so I visited them on a Tuesday morning. By chance they were there as they mainly roast on Mon and Tue and deliver to their commercial customers for the rest of the week. Apparently many coffee shops re-brand their beans and sell them as their own.
They are not really setup for over the counter purchases but have recently been doing private sales via their website. I was given a tour of their bean stock and equipment and they were quite excited to tell me their history. Their taster was going full tilt at the time. They've been running for about 4 years.

I had already selected a blend from the website - (brand name removed) - and I bought 1 kg. They warned me it had only been roasted the day before and that the full flavour will come out after 5 days.
I couldn't wait and have now been drinking it for 3 weeks.
I found Paradiso to be excellent for my tastes and can only agree with their own description as follows:
"To us the perfect espresso should be a beautiful slightly spicy sweet nectar, rich in texture, thick and syrupy, smooth and complex. Finally traces of dark cocoa should linger on. We truly believe that when carefully prepared, the Paradiso blend will bring you straight to those pearly gates"

As it's my first specialist blend I'm no expert but I would recommend (my local roaster) to Perth Snobs looking for a new source.
I'm also interested in anyone else's opinion on (their local roaster)

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  • Welcome GE!  Won't be long and you'll be roasting, blending and running different extractions.  It's a slippery slope!?,
  • Hi GE and welcome to Crema! Fantastic first post! But we do require newbies to make a valuable contribution to the group with a few runs on the board before spruiking local products - but other than that keep up the good work! Best, ACG
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