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Who can repair a Demoka Minimoka 203

edited January 1970 in Grinders

My Demoka grinder stopped working this morning. It seems to be an electoral issue, since it keeps blowing the fuse.
I'm looking for a shop (preferably in Melbourne) that could have a look at it and maybe even fixit.
It's all a matter of cost of course, since it is 15 years old (but never missed a beat)

Thanks, Christianc790ad78fc142a2e4b874faa0c321f13.jpg

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  • Wow mate. They're a great little grinder.  Seriously, any electrical repair shop can quote this one for you but at 15 your burrs will probably need swapping out for new ones also.  I'd be inclined to chuck it on EBay and see what someone will give you for it and grab a nice new [insert grinder here].  At 15 it owes you nothing after the money you've saved making coffee at home ;)
  • try crown coffee i north melbourne they do good work and they wont rip you off - still a $120 service fee plus labor and parts is standard at most places these days - so sometimes its cheaper to replace than to repair ACG
  • Thanks for the tip re north Melbourne, I’ll check them out next time. I dismantled the grinder as much as I could and found a little black piece of something jamming the burrs. Removed it - new fuse - all cool! The Mazzer Mini was already in the online shopping cart [emoji16] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • does that mean that you bought the mazzer? p
  • on 1508499157:
    does that mean that you bought the mazzer? p
    No, a few hundred dollars saved.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  • yeah cool let us know how you get on with the repairs p
  • Great stuff!  These grinders tend to shred parts if the grind setting is adjusted while the motor is going. I used to never lend my old one out because a very easy mistake to make can ruin somebody's day.
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