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Extraction time

Hallo espresso lovers:
my procedure:
- lever maschine: Londinium R
- 100% dark roasted robusta beans
- 14 g Dose
- standardt 16g londinium basket
- goal: 30 espresso yield
- distribution with supplied tool
- tamping: use dtamp for consistent light tamping
- pre-infusion: until first drop

adjusting grinding: i adjust grinding to taste  in the cup

for 30g espresso yield with good taste i get extraction times of up to 50 s

if a go to coarser grind with extraction time towards 25-30s: acidity is high

is there a "red line" concerning extraction time? after which "bad solubles" are extracted?

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  • Hi bravo.palombini - welcome to the forum - would you like to give a bit more information about where you live (for example, are you in Germany or Switzerland?) and what you do (do you work in a cafe)? It would be great to do a short post in 'I'm new here'... best A
  • also levers are very tricky because you can modify your preferred infusion times and set them to your own liking which means that times may vary considerably I just watch how the coffee is pouring and long for a slow and steady pour the golden standard is often 30ml from 30 seconds but this too can depend upon a lot of variables such as the (relatively) smaller baskets of the lever machines compared to the 21g baskets which are standardly used here in Australia the only thing I would change is your beans.from dark to medium roast and 100 per cent Arabica instead of Robusta!
  • ….. sure but there are those of us out here who love Robusta, especially in a lever machine ;)  I think your pre-infusion is too long personally.  I only preinfuse for 10 seconds and count 25-35seconds depending on pour after that.  Give it a try and get back to us.
  • For 14 grams of coffee I believe your times and yield are to great Aim for 5 to 10 seconds of pre infusion and 20 ml in 18/20/seconds pour of espresso liquid Just be aware that 9 grams of ground coffee is a single shot and that should yield 15 ml of espresso liquid In any case - always stop the pour when you see blonding or thinning of the espresso KK
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