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Choice of grinder for a machineless coffee lover.

edited August 2018 in Grinders
Hopefully this forum is still visited, as I have an annoying question.

I don't have a coffee machine, nor am I likely to buy one in the near future. I like my stovetop Moka and that is what I use mainly. When I have visitors I make a jug using a pour over or sometimes drip machine. On other, rarish, occasions I'll go the French press route.

On a normal non visitor day I drink on average 4 mugs of coffee a day ( 2ish Moka pots)

My birthday just made a brief unwanted appearance and due to that trauma I've been given the opportunity to purchase a grinder. Now, as my grind settings only change occasionally and the obsessive repeatable grind size isn't as important to me as to those of you who have more advanced set ups, I won't be needing an overly expensive espresso grinder.

Grind size consistency in each grind is obviously important to me.

I was thinking an Ascano i mini 1 with flat burrs
Or the Lelit PL44
Or the Bezzera BB005
Or Baratza 30
Even the cheaper Graef cm800?

Any opinions on these choices? Any gentle nudges in any direction?

Cheers, Marcus


  • it's horses for courses really in that price bracket they will all do a pretty decent job - the ideal thing would be to go somewhere where they're all set up on a bench top and to have a look and a play with each. not even necessarily to run a coffee through them (though that would surely help) but to get a feel for the 'action' of the equipment and the usability. presumably you're going to be using  the equipment for awhile, so it makes sense to buy something that's easy to use, low maintenance, with little grind retention, and which doesn't make too much of a mess ! I've got a Mazzer Super Jolly on the bench at home and it makes damn fine coffee - but gee it sure is messy ! P
  • Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, no chance of a play around. It'd be a six hour round trip for that luxury. Your statement that it is "horses for courses" confirms my instincts as well. I've read a tonne of reviews and they all have good and not so good.  The not so good mostly being from those who strive for the perfect repeatable espresso. The Ascano is appealing to me even with its stepless worm adjustment. Those big steel/brass 54mm flat burrs are appealing though. Hmm
  • My first grinder was an Iberital Home grinder Conical burrs and comes in doser model and doserless It performed very well and then sold as I started going up the grinder ladder KK
  • G'day Marcus, and welcome...  8) Of the grinders you have listed, my pick would be the Lelit PL44. It's made well, produces consistent results and will do a good job should you ever head into Espresso territory. A grinder you haven't listed but at a similar price point is the venerable Rancilio Rocky. Also well made (built like a tank) and suitable for a wide range of coffee making methods. I have owned both of the above at various times over the years and they never let me down...  ;D Mal.
  • Thanks Mal, the lelit does seem to be liked by those who have had one. I did look at the Rocky but the tales of fiddly adjustment put me off a bit. In reality it probably wouldn't be an issue considering my needs.
  • G'day again mate...  :) Never found the Rocky to be fiddly to use at any time, so not sure what is being said about it to be honest. Of the two though, I think I would pick the Lelit ahead of it because it offers the possibility of better results for Espresso. No need to think of an expensive pump machine for this though, I sold my machinery a while ago and bought Flair Espresso unit and very happy that I did...  ;D Mal.
  • Rocky isa great little machine but gee its a noisy buggar - Id be going for somthing a bit quieter myself! P
  • In a lot of respects, the "noise" factor comes down to how much are you prepared to pay. If you're talking circa $400.00, there aren't too many quite ones out there. And, for what it's worth, I never found the Rocky to be objectionable... Mal.
  • I have one 4 year old and another coming soon. There isn't anything quiet in this house. 🤣 If the grinder makes noise for a minute then it's really not an issue.
  • Indeed mate...  ;D Been there, done that - As they say.  ;) Mal.
  • Hello all... great advice given here!!!  I have a Rocky that I've had since new and I use it at work because I've found it better to use and quieter than the Nemox Lux grinder I have. Having said that they're all great grinders in this bracket though I do suggest buying new because being smaller burrs you'll get a shorter lifespan out the burrs and their replacement while not difficult is sometimes a little fraught in regards to alignment post the change.
  • Thanks for all the replies guys, it's much appreciated. I went with the Ascano i mini 1 as it has good reviews and it went on sale. I gave it a run a few times today and it is a solid unit that will fulfill my needs adequately. Thanks again 👍☕
  • Good one Marcus...  8) This should give you many years of good service mate, with the advantage that it is capable grinding for espresso should you get yourself a Flair Espresso one day...  ;) Mal.
  • Already looking Mal 😉 If I stumble across a sale, I may buy one. Until then, the Mokka and Turkish Çezve will have to suffice. Cheers M
  • on 1534606368:
    Grind size consistency in each grind is obviously important to me. I was thinking an Ascano i mini 1 with flat burrs Or the Lelit PL44 Or the Bezzera BB005 Or Baratza 30 Even the cheaper Graef cm800? Any opinions on these choices? Any gentle nudges in any direction?
    Hi Marcus, I sell a large range of grinders and for your use I would recommend the Sette 30. ...But you can’t go wrong with any above really.  Cheers [emoji4] Paul
  • Thanks Paul. I would have looked at Aus sellers if I was over there but, at the moment, I'm over in Germany. Thanks for the tip anyway.
  • Good little grinder MJ. Enjoy, and safe travels.
  • Cheers Brett 👍
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