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Home Espresso Workflows / Steps

Hi Members,

When I sell any coffee machine to a Melbourne local I run through the workflows below during free training:

1. Espresso
2. Milk
3. Maintenance


Feedback, questions, comments, etc, welcome - on the forum or via PM.
I'm always open to new ideas, and always looking to improve, 

Enjoy :)


  • Maintenance is a funny one! A bit of realism needs to be injected into the conversation I reckon.  Irrespective of the brand, all of our machines at some point will need major components replaced/repaired. It's the nature of owning something that makes heat, uses water and has moving parts. Some folks I talk to have the mindset that once the big dollars are spent, provided appropriately filtered water is used they have a machine for life. No more to doooooo!!!! The reality needs to be made clear that like your dishwasher, heat and water are not the long-term friends of PCBs, Relays, Caps................... The point need to be made that buying a high-end Euro machine means that these issues that arise are not game-over events... unlike the appliance brand machines.  Do you have customers Paul that phone you irrate that their machine is not working after only two years?
  • when I had my cafe I had a 3 month maintenance schedule for all coffee equipment and a major service annually - kept everything working like a charm, after all it's often cheaper to maintain than it is to repair, even so things can and do go wrong with heavy use, and the home environment is no different in that regard I recommended an annual device for all home equipment whether it needs it or not, in addition to a regular maintenance schedule here's a tip for young players at home: I back wash the group's head after every coffee that I make and it cwr6 seems to extend the working life of the machine ! Pat
  • Yep, good workflow tips there! And yeah same Pat, I do about 2x blind filter water backflushes after every session. Ah yikes that reminds me.. I needa do a descale :s. Have heard folk say that you shouldn't descale HX machines but others say it should be done, whilst others say the whole group needs to be removed etc.... Had my machine for a bit more than a year and haven't done one yet, just follow the directions in Profitec Pro 500 manual in terms of descaling (assuming it's a safe practice)?
  • Thanks for the feedback. Points re maintenance are especially good ones. When people visit me I discuss component replacement and explain it’s like buying a car. I also explain that with these machines components get replaced periodically but the machine won’t get thrown away like an appliance :) I’ll add some wording around this to my maintenance guide. Thanks again all. Paul
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