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Reverse Osmosis

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What is a good quality commercial reverse osmosis water filter system everyone is using in their cafe's. I am looking at BWT bestaqua or Everpure 75e. Does anyone have any feedback on these brands or recommend another brand. Thanks.


  • Hello mate, all I can tell you from work where we run massive filtration systems (no RO) is that they need regular servicing and maintenance. I’m yet to meet a brand that is completely trouble-free. I’d be finding a good local supplier and engaging them. They’ll also tell you that RO water without replenishing some TDS will not work for some machines.
  • Yes as noted above The RO filtered water is to clean and the auto cut off for low water levels will not register So if you are going the RO path you will also need a remineralising filter at the finishing end Or just get a regular high quality water filter KK
  • yep and RO without a remineraliser will also strip the minerals from your machine. where are you located that you need such an industrial filtration system? in South Australia? Pat
  • Definitely know to remin, in Qld with high Chloride, combined with a LM stainless steel boiler, not ideal. LM said I need to use RO for longevity of the boiler. I purchased the Proro 15 with the BWT coffee100 remin filter and can't get a tds reading of higher than 28. Coffee is flat and dead. I was looking at the Everpure 75e and hoping their remin system would be better. tds here between 60-75 is ideal for coffee.
  • Hi JM73, I live on the Gold Coast and use a RO system for drinking water and sediment/carbon pre filters for the water to our fridge, which also has a carbon filter. The difference between it and the tap water is noticeable. Every member of my family and friends who visit, notices the difference, and prefer the filtered water. You will come across people who swear that there is nothing wrong with tap water, and then try to talk up "notes" etc in their coffee, wine and whatever. Personally I tend to ignore the comments from these people. SE QLD has very good tap water, especially when you compare it to Adelaide. The chlorine is noticeable and also varies. Do you know what is put into the water? Can you  trust our govt? I am sceptical, and prefer to have control over the water I drink. If you want honest information, then contact this company. They know what they are talking about and do not have hidden agendas. Their prices are very good and so is their service. The website is easy to navigate.
  • I'm not sure if I've shared this information previously, but in the odd chance that it's not been said before, here goes. Anyone considering stainless boiler systems attempting to use it outside of either Sydney or Melbourne capital cities needs to seriously re-think their options - especially if it's LM. Other manufacturers might be more forgiving. As for Brisbane, I lived in Tarragindi for 9 years and the water in our area was pretty naff most of the time (we had to install filtration on the drinking water), probably because we were up high at the end of the line and likely to have improved since. Luckily I used a simple copper boiler machine. We have clients with commercial LM gear installed in their cafes, along with 2 stage filtration systems of the best quality available, yet the LM stuff has often failed like a wet paper bag. I'm not going to dive into the detail and the statement above could be considered libel, but it's impossible to dispute the evidence ........LM failed to honor warranty on brand new equipment because it was installed outside of the metro area and the water is obviously (in their minds) toxic. There is no way on earth you would expect to see holes in stainless boilers after 18 months......seriously, this is not how it's supposed to be and $6K later in repairs it's a painful lesson, even when the cafe owner provided detailed water analysis records from their local authority, LM just run and hide. It's almost as if their stainless was not real. I've traveled all over Australia and the water in some regional towns is exceptional, others not so. Also aware of commercial Synesso's, Slayers and other stainless equipment failing in regional towns prematurely - reasons are not always obvious upfront, but many can be linked back to water or some aspect relating to water when the post mortem has concluded. If water in your area is not ideal, just keep it simple with good filters and copper systems.
  • Sage advice from the voice of reason! Thank you Sir!
  • im in SEQ with a copper boiler and I use .2 micron filtration system with no noticeable deterioration in taste or quality - and my boiler is sweet as! P
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