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Audiophile Barista


My name is Jack and I'm an audiophile from Melbourne. It seems many audiophiles eventually turn into coffeephiles for our love of tweaking and staying up late at night, and I'm one of them.

My wife and I have actually been wanting to own an espresso machine for at least a year, but our priority was always paying off the house and then upgrading my audio (well more my priority than hers). We've done both and finally bought my first coffee machine two months ago from KBean.

I had researched extensively what I had wanted for my first coffee machine - Lelit Elizabeth, but I ended up with the Lelit Mara that Paul had suggested. I didn't even know the Mara had existed and researching the E61 made me realise how much I would've regretted if I had gone down my initial path of the semi automatic. The fully manual Mara is a tweaker's wet dream :)

In my spare time I enjoy listening to music, playing badminton and woodworking. I'm here because I'm looking to be part of an apolitical coffee community, to learn new things on coffee and share experiences.

See you around!


  • Hey Jack, Welcome to the forum! Yes I think it's fair to say that many coffee geeks are also audio freaks as well. Personally I've got a valve amp from the 70s which used to power the entire speaker system for the physics department at Melbourne Uni, which I have lovingly restored to perfect working order. Nice choice of coffee machine and glad you bought off Paul, yes, having the ability to tweak all of the variables makes a massive difference to the final product! I'm a dedicated home roaster as well as I like having control over all of the variables. Once again welcome to the forum and feel free to ask away with any questions you might have !
  • Ah welcome to the forum Jackula! Can't say I'm into the audio scene, unless music/piano counts hehe. But very cool! Great to have ya here, great machine you got, don't hesitate to ask any questions :)
  • Nice look and feel to this site!

    So let’s talk audiophile.....

    I have no audiophile gear :(

    I do have four setups all driven by Yamaha/Rotel with Polk Audio.

    Notable mentions on the speakers are Lsim705 driven by 350w/channel Rotel Block in the Atmos system (2x Rotel 5x120w blocks), A Rel wall-mounted Bluetooth Sub in the upstairs lounge system (works unbelievably well) and some Lsi9’s in one studio and Rt55’s (best bookshelf speakers I’ve ever heard) in the other.

    No Audiophile gear, just great bang for buck! There’s a new Reciever for the atmos system I’m running in.... it’s another Yammy Cxa-5200b. Sounds excellent and given it’s only a little better than half the price of the Anthem it’s amazing value!

    Tell me I’ve tin ears...

  • I actually have away my turntable and my considerable record collection when we left Melbourne 4 yrs ago kind of regretting it now considering that I had many original and rare first pressings, but I've still got the amp.and I'm considering investing in a turntable and speakers and building up a small record collection again - may as well considering time is such a rampant commodity at the moment!

  • There’s lots of bargains to be had too at the moment. Stereonet forum classifieds are a must if you’re chasing good gear at reasonable prices.

  • edited April 2020

    I have been an Audiophile for a few decades
    And Bret H wants to come over for a listen and one of my coffees

    Anyone that has records in very good condition that no longer want / need then
    Shoot me a PM


    Brett H
  • Yep... when this Covid is over I’ll go and visit a real audiophile and defile his Strega :D

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