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Doomsday coffee preppers!

So what are folks doing to prepare for coffee Armageddon? Due to the possibility that coffee as a consumable might not be readily available due to stoppages in the supply chain?

I've got 20 kg of green beans on hand just in case which I can roast for myself in an emergency, or not even in an emergency because I roast them all the time anyway!

I also have UHT milk on backup and I make my own almond and oat milk so should be sorted at least for the next little while, but what other other folks doing in case their daily cup of Java is suddenly unavailable?



  • I,have heaps of beans on hand and I’ll happily drink a long blackmif required. I reckon milk won’t be an issue however as cows HAVE to be milked. Fingers crossed and stay safe y’all!

  • Ive also been drinking a lot of filter coffee and I reckon I could get used to it! Less acidity and less harsh volatiles and I dilute it with water and drink it all day long!

  • Well social isotope is not such a big deal in QLD at the moment but there's still only so many places that you can go with boarders closed Soni have been ramping up my home roasting and to this extent I just bought another 10kg of green beans from.that other mob! What about anyone else ? How's the home roasting going ?

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