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E61 flow adjustment/profiling paddles.

What is all this !&^(#

What happened to pull the lever, push the lever???

Change my mind.......


  • Once upon a time and not so long ago manual profiling what's the art of the barista that was before digital technology and weights and measures took over and I'm not that sure that we are all the better for the weights and measures

  • Agree! All that has done is improved accessibility to the art form for the untrained/disinterested.

  • I’m looking at you Profitech 700 with group-head restrictor for profiling. No seriously, I’m looking at you as opposed to an 11k machine that profiles. What’s the difference? Is on real and the other fake?

  • Have to say that the average person would be hard pressed to tell the difference between manual profile, flow restrictors, and pre programmed settings - I reckon it all comes down to the quality of the raw materials and the skill of the barista !

  • Oh absolutely, but you only live once... right ;)

    The Crem One is looking enticing and is a very reasonable price given what it offers. What scares me most of all is where to get these things serviced??? That’s what put me off the big end of town machines despite spousal approval. Am I correct in thinking that a GS3 needs its group rebuilt every 6-12 months?

  • That's the first I've heard about the GS3 surely there users who have had no problems with their machines?

  • I suppose it depends on usage but I’ve run into too many GS3 owners who, when I express and interest, try and sell me the thing. More research required!

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