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How has Covid changed your Coffee habits?

I’ve stopped drinking coffee gasp

My reason is less Covid and possibly needing Back Surgery. How’s your lower back Kelsey... remember bananas???

So as I wait here in a hospital bed I haven’t seen my coffee machine for almost a week. But not all is bleak...

Just before I came in the hospital I took a reasonable order from ICT that has plenty enough to get me through the next couple of months. Because it’s ICT The quality is amazing and the varieties are most intriguing. My shop around for a reasonably decent upgrade to my current lever machine which, because it’s plumbable preinfuses like a champ and extracts magnificently.... have ceased. At least until I can be guaranteed I can lift something 50+ kilos onto the bench without killing myself :dizzy:

Kelsey has done a great job of migrating this forum; so, for the sake of we that are locked up, which is most of us... post away good people.


  • Yes great job Kelsey in migrating the forum and sorry to hear about your back problems Brett.
    In terms of my coffee habits nothing much has changed except I'm getting coffee out less (read not at all) and I'm roasting at home a lot more!

    I was into filter coffee (and not espresso) for a good few months there - but now with home schooling kids and having to juggle managing setup of devices, accessing course materials, and working with kids to make sure that they get their work done - filter doesn't cut it so I'm back on the espresso and a double ris based almond latte is my drink of choice !

    Brett H
  • Get well soon BretH

    I’m classed as an essential worker - and fortunate to still be in work
    My wife however has been stood down

    As her personal home barista she gets a coffee anytime she puts in her order
    During Covid 19 - during the stay home period, I’m
    Roasting a little more than usual
    Listening to more music
    Doing more gardening
    A family member has had a baby 👶

    I’m actually busier than normal


    Brett H
  • 8 bought a coffee out today from a local roaster for the first time in awhile, and I asked for an 8oz 3/4 length latte, which they decided to upgrade to a double espresso base (they told me as much) which wouldn't be so bad, but the coffee they used was from an Italian style roast - which I'm not a fan of.

    More the fool me for not asking what was on offer as they had 3 or 4 grinders on the go!

    But also explains why I don't order out much when I can make better than (IMHO) cafe quality myself at home !!!

  • edited May 2020

    Just by way of an aside I bought some toasted beans off them as well which I'm happy with as I'm keen to support local industry!

  • I’m now in the recovery/Physio phase and I took a couple of weeks off work. I’m now working from home (light duties) and enjoying a pavoni lever coffee in the mornings because I’m up before everyone and that machine and it’s brand new little Lux grinder live downstairs, it’s actually such a pleasurable almost whimsical activity especially knowing that upstairs is a Robur and a stinking great spring lever which are.... less simple.

  • Glad to hear you're on the mend - and yes there's something very reassuring about the who routine bid a well made coffee especially using less complicated preparation methods!

    Brett H
  • A family member has had a baby

    Congratulations on the new family addition KK!

  • Oh wow how exciting congratulations to KK

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