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Is pressure profiling ruining good coffee?

As we move into the PP age where machines are throttled at the pump or at the group to alleviate poor grind and tamping technique, are we forgetting that the cup starts with the roast profile!! The more ‘stuff’ we do the further from the ‘truth’ we wander, and I wonder gosh.... I’d like one of those shiny water heating pressure profiling things. But, I’m perplexed. I love the taste of my Bosch-style lever.... will I spend huge amounts merely trying to bastardize an approximation of what I already have?? “Oh but you don’t understand” says the slightly condescending retail employee. “You can roast light and extract all the berry and citrus notes from you coffee, then roast dark and have chocolate and caramel!” Literally minutes of pleasure for a mere $10k!

So, is pressure profiling the future or,the emperor’s new clothes??

Also, is anyone here or did that falling tree kill th.............

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