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Coffee percolator brand that stays on longer than two hours.

Hi I’m after a coffee percolator that doesn’t automatically turn off after two hours. I find this really frustrating so if anybody knows of a brand to recommend that would be such appreciated.
Kind regards Cynthia


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    You may want to consider the fact that coffee stewing in a percolator will be rancid and bitter after 2hrs.....with it starting to turn rancid after 20 minutes !.
    There's a perfectly rational explanation as to why they cut-off.
    Coffee should be consumed within 15 minutes.........brewed coffee is an oil, just like the hot chips in a takeaway outlet and it makes sense why decent operators change oils in their fryer regularly!.
    Those oils in the coffee are fats that oxidize when exposed to oxygen. I'm rather surprised why you would want or expect brewed coffee to be "available and drinkable" after 2hrs.....most sensible people would be tipping it down the drain !
    Having coffee sit in a heated environment for hours on end..........reminds me of the undrinkable brewed tar they serve in the US.

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