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Need help Azkoyen m01 grinder

Does anyone know where I can get a manual for the Azkoyen m01 grinder? Or does someone know how to change the amount of coffee is ground for this machine?
I purchased a second Azkoyen m01 grinder and did not come with a manual. I would like to know how to operate it and if there is a clean mode (for example to open the trapdoors to clean inside).
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you


  • Thanks. I have worked out that the button with the picture of the coffee beans is grind time distribution between two different types of coffee beans. This feature allows you to set a specific grind time ratio for blending different types of coffee beans in a single dose. So 60-40," it means that the grinder is set to grind a blend of two types of coffee beans, with 60% of one type and 40% of another.

    As the original poster indicated, holding the one or two cup buttons programs (and then the + button) how much coffee is dispensed for single or double shot. It looks like my machine is set to measure by 'weight' rather than time. I'm not sure if you can set it to time based.

    Hopefully this information also helps someone else.

    Would anyone know how to open the grinder so I can clean inside of it?

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