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Breville Barista Express problem

'Morning, all ..
Ten minutes ago I started to clean my machine: ensured the tank was full, put the tablet into the portafilter with the machine off, then pressed Power | 1 cup | 2 cups all at once. Done it an awful lotta times.
Almost instantly the group head and the portafilter started spitting WILDLY. Had to stop the clean. :(
I was doing it because the machine was spitting when pulling a shot, which it's been doing for a couple of weeks. I've ordered a replacement group head gasket silicone thingy - but as the machine was repaired 3 months ago I can't think how it could be damaged again.
I've already tried to check it, but don't have tools to get the silicone ring out of the gasket.
Does this ring any bells, please ?

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