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Brisbane's Best Coffee...

edited October 2011 in Cafe reviews
Likewise, I haven't ventured out in Brisbane often enough to know where to go for coffee, although I did enjoy a couple of great coffee experiences last time I was there, about a year ago.

My family and I usually pass through BrisVegas a couple of times a year, though, as the outlaws are based on the Sunshine Coast, and we drive down to Byron to stay with friends.

So just in case I'm looking for a pick-me-up en route, who can tell me where to go, figuratively speaking, that is,,, 


  • My Pics: Caffiene Espresso - 100 commercial rd, Tennerieffe. They roast their own and have a beautiful shiny Diedrich in store. One of the richest espressos in town, buttery and fruity, cant ask for more. Naked Coffee - Elizabeth Arcade, city. Campos users and bloody good at what they do.
  • I enjoyed espressohead in Byron, which apparently started in the West End in Brisbane. Does anyone know any more about this? Cheers, Pat
  • Yeah Pat, Espressohead started in West End up here by a friend of a friend of mine - excellent coffee & fantastic home-cooked breakfasts (when she owned it anyway).  She sold it, moved to Melbourne with her partner, & they now have several cafes in St Kilda.  Leroys is one.
  • My favs are: Urban Grind - Paddington West End Coffee House - West End Naked - City James
  • The Dancing Bean on George st City is great coffee if you don't mind the wait.
  • Did a recent visit and after walking in circles and going up and down several levels in the wrong building (discovered that as if the cancer wasn't bad enough already now GJs are even in Myers these days ) I finally found Naked Coffee and Dancing Bean. If you wern't looking for Dancing Bean it would be a easy one to miss or mistake it for the establishment next door. (the entrance only, not the coffee!!!) A step up in decor from the average coffee cart operatin in foyers with the wood panelling and design conveying warmth and creating a rustic little hide away amongst the hustle of George Street. The crew there were great and were willing to put through shots of their SO's through their deli grinder improvising with merit considering their dedicated SO grinder was AWOL. After several shots, adjustments of the grind and a short black sampled by the staff to make sure everything was ok I was treated to a shot with good acidity and chocolate overtones. The machine was a pimped up double boiler PID Expobar. After all the hype I've heard about Naked Coffee I was expecting a main street frontage with an elaborate and very expensive fitout and as a result if it wasn't for the crew at Dancing Bean I would have likely missed it and not gone down the arcade.   While the location hasn't got the prestige of a main street frontage and dually attached nasty burden of overpriced sq m2 the machinery and the crew worked wonders to produce a beautiful espresso (my first taste of Campos) and a surprisingly sweet tasting yet strong latte with art on top. To note was the barista dedication to grinding on demand for each and every coffee even with the customers 5 deep waiting for their orders. While I mentioned the cafe fitout wasn't elaborate it was obvious the main cash had been spent on the equipment with a La Marzocca present.
  • Checked out the new Campos beside James St Markets....WOW.     There has been some recent media about the location of the new store which I will extend upon in the trade section, but I shop at the markets every Sunday and haven't felt the need to purchase a coffee because the coffees at spoon are quite ordinary and saw no point going to Merlo when I have their beans at home.  After todays tasting I think I'll be getting my pick-me-up every weekend from Campos.....pity about the wall!!
  • people you need to check out Matty at Two Cups. It's on upper Edward and he is awesome. The coffee is Di Bella  and he has Campos rocks having recently discovered it just up the road. My old favorite was The Spot tho in Taringa I think it has new owners and uses Abrisca now. Same thing as Naked they would grind on demand no matter how many people were lined up out the door. I think people are happy to wait if they know they are getting a great coffee. Cheers
  • After a trip to Campos a couple of weeks ago, it is my new Favorite. I had an espresso that was better than any I have ever had from Campos beans, including Campos Sydney!!!
  • congratulations to Matt and the team at Two Cups for taking out best cafe and barista in the Courier Mail lifestyle catagory. People you really need to visit this place it rocks.
  • congratulations to Matt and the team at Two Cups for taking out best cafe and barista in the Courier Mail lifestyle category ...
    most voted for - not necessarily 'best' ::)
  • I realise that but he does make great coffee and his place has a great atmosphere. Apparently there was only one vote seperating him from the other guy so congrats to him too. I am a bit biased having worked with Matt and having seen him in action he really inspires you  with his enthusiasm. Having worked in a cafe that was voted in the Courier Mail top ten places for coffee I realise this is not an award judged by industry gurus but then again it is the public that in the end are the ones we are trying to please in order to make a living. As long as we all can continue to be enthusiastic about coffee then it can only get better. Cheers
  • I was up recently; DoubleEspresso must have had a similar experience to you - thought i'd try and find Dancing Bean; unfortunately didn't have much time in the CBD, but walked around and around and couldn't even find them - talk about low profile! Looks like John Ronchi has taken part-ownership of Campos up there - not sure if he's still involved with Naked. Tried Two Cups - seemed Ok, but shot I had was a bit weak - didn't have time to stay for a second. -A
  • HI guys - quick question - where does the Gold Coast go - with Brisbane, or should it have its own thread, like Sunshine Coast? dR
  • Campos is absolutely great. The coffee is amazing the service has dropped off in the past few months though. I don't know what it is, but the staff aren't as friendly, and it was a really sudden change. I think the guy from New Zealand left and it's really gone downhill since.
  • I may be wrong about this but some 'high end' coffee shops have a stated policy of the barista not engaging with the customers so that they can focus on the product that they are producing I'm intrigued though by the new Intelligentsia store in Venice Beach, California - which has four open barista 'platforms' with no benches around them - where each customer id directed to an individual barisa who welcomes them, takes their order, makes it, and takes the money for it - making one drink at a time for one customer at a time Surely this sets a new new benchmark for customer service in the hospitality industry? Cheers, Acg  
  • askthecoffeeguy: that's really interesting, I'd love to go visit there and see what it's like. I know when I used to work as a "barista" (crappy chain shop) I hated having people talk to me as I couldn't concentrate on the coffee, but that was more of a problem when we were super busy, doing it one at a time wasn't a problem.
  • when campos nails a coffee,  its the best in brisbane. bbuutt sometimes they can be inconsistent.
  • Hi guys - putting a call out for names of truly excellent cafes in Brisbane [see conversation under 'Sydney's Best Cafes']... we are considering extending our best cafes of Sydney & Melbourne, but to do this [& given the standards we require] we need to know there are at least 5 cafes which make truly excellent coffee - ie where you would feel confident recommending your aficionado friends time after time... Does Brissy have [at least] five cafes of this calibre? If so, please list here. A
  • 1. Cup 2. Dandelion and Driftwood 3. 5th Battery 4. One drop 5. Chic/Campos/ First Pour...
  • The best coffee is at my place  :-* KK
  • Hi guys - thanks for this, but we're missing the point slightly here... when we decide to do a 'Best cafes of a City' in an issue of the physical magazine, we put significant resources into it - ie we need to convene a judging panel, including a previous Aust. Barista Champ, at least one [inpartial but highly respected] roaster and if possible a WBC level coffee judge. We then send up a photographer & editor/reviewer to go around all the cafes and finally convene the judging panel for review and decision;  remember the experience I mentioned with Adelaide - there weren't enough cafes of a high enough standard... ... the question is do we have enough - ie at least five - truly excellent cafes [of Sydney or Melbourne standard] to merit doing Best cafes of Brisbane in the Autumn issue? A
  • on 1296954063:
    on 1296950419:
    The best coffee is at my place  :-* KK
    ROFLMF"A"O Will call in week after. Have to go to Mel next week for training :-)
    I hope that means you will be stopping into my joint!
  • on 1218147288:
    HI guys - quick question - where does the Gold Coast go - with Brisbane, or should it have its own thread, like Sunshine Coast? dR
    They are 0ne to two hundred kilometres apart in opposite directions from Brisbane So I feel separate headings KK
  • boy, that's got to be a record for the longest reply ever to a post!! dR  :D
  • And that is where ? Have Clients on hand and been told that we have little time free :-(  Also no transport. PM me details on Twitter or FB and I can check later tonight.
    Foxy Brown Espresso, 31 South Crescent Northcote Victoria 3070, Australie (03)9481 4454 KK
  • Ok guys - have taken this on board; will definitely look at doing Brisbane.
  • just got back from a couple of days looking at cafes in Brissy & have to say I'm impressed - the cafe scene there is certainly buzzing and really not far off that in Sydney & Melb - in fact in terms of the passion for the bean I came away feeling things in Brissy were if anything, a little more 'happening' than I've found in Sydney recently... thanks to our reviewers in Brissy - Tim Adams [ex Aust. Barista Champ], Kane Blaber - top brissy barista and Mark - alias our very own Anger Mgmt [and certifiable coffee geek], for their company and professionalism. Also special thanks to Mark for showing me around the inner suburbs of a city I wasn't all that familiar with on my arrival. ...results will come out in our Autumn issue [about 3 weeks away] but hopefully will make interesting reading! cheers A
  • Bugga, I was available for a bit of a caffe hop AM   ??? Admin glad you found our fair city has what it takes as we have relied on our own ingenuity  to shape the coffee scene to our lifestyle  :o Just remember both the Corretto & KKTO home roasters were invented in Brisbane KK
  • PS. I should change my name to "The Customer From Hell"  TCFH 
    ha, ha AM - although I know of one formerly reasonably well-respected [from another site] Brissy cafe that won't be laughing... A ;)
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