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Author Topic: Pressure Profiling for Espresso - Lever Machines  (Read 5731 times)

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Pressure Profiling for Espresso - Lever Machines
« on: 11/08/2012, 12:08 PM »
Hmmm thanks guys about the Pre-heat times. I figured that with a boiler there would be a lead time dependent on volume. Interesting though that some machines will get too hot, horses for courses.

With the Rossa I've seen several now. I've even had some discussions with Ross about a demonstration and I know 3rd crack has made his shop available as a venue for said demo. Alas the stars have not yet lined up and so I wait patiently...

I really didn't want to start a discussion on comparisons... It's peaches and pears.

Nor to jack the thread- I guess really I was just wondering if you lever guys have looked at the pressure profiles or just accepted the good coffee for what it is?

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Pressure Profiling for Espresso - Lever Machines
« Reply #1 on: 11/08/2012, 01:14 PM »
Hi Guys,
I have a question which will clearly display my ignorance of things 'lever coffee' but it is a question I ponder and I'd appreciate your feedback.
2) I'm fascinated by the Rossa Portapresso. Clearly I don't have the hands on experience myself with either, but from a position of blissful ignorance I see many comparisons to a lever machine. Especially in the profile setup on the Rossa. The Rossa easily extracts to 9 bar but Ross, in his website notes, has indicated a smoother and 'softer' brew at around 6 bar. So do you guys test and record your profiles or is it a 'by feel' & taste, is 'good enough'?


No hijacking needed ;) A topic worthy of it's own thread and discussions.

My simple reply while I consider a more lengthy one is on spring lever machines generally no (just love the results) and on the Pavoni yes I play a lot as it lends itself to that.  :)

Koffee Kosmo

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Pressure Profiling for Espresso - Lever Machines
« Reply #2 on: 11/08/2012, 01:43 PM »

Most lever machines have some profiling within its tolerances

There is a fellow by the name of Jim Schulman that has used the Strega with the view of duplicating the profiles of different machines
He has posted a great video on it
See this link and view the videos -

But you want to see this video on profiling and I quote from Jim
PRESSURE PROFILING ON THE STREGA: The attraction of a lever machine is that it can be played like an instrument. The Strega's combination of lever and pump multiply these possibilities. On the Strega, the pressure of the preinfusion, the early, middle and late part of the shot can be separately controlled. This allows the Strega to emulate the operation and taste of a wide variety of high end espresso machines.


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