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Author Topic: Are we grinding for the bean? or grinding for the machine?  (Read 1875 times)


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I have been taught to grind finer or coarser with corresponding dose/tamp to set the impeadence
to get the right pour on a normal 9 bar espresso machine.

But should we be grinding according to the bean?  I think each bean has a grind setting it likes best or least delivers certain tastes we are after and changes as it ages and with the weather ect.

My Presso has taught me that.

I think we need to find the right grind first that has the best flavor balance, then work on the impeadence with tamp/dose, basket size, timing ect to adjust it to the machine.

I am using the Presso to find the right grind first, then modifying the other things for the espresso machine.

A good quality lever is the answer I think as the Presso never hits 9 bar of pressure

I think the extraction should hit 9 bar at some point.

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Are we grinding for the bean? or grinding for the machine?
« Reply #1 on: 14/10/2012, 06:26 PM »
"...Are we grinding for the bean? or grinding for the machine?..."

Both, and you must also consider that the grind is not necessarily the same for all operators. Operator technique & expectation will also come into the equation.

ie, you work out the "correct" grind and technique, that works best with "these" beans and this equipment, to produce the kind of brew that the operator wants / likes / appreciates.

Hope that helps.
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