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Have your say / Re: Climate change threatens world coffee supply
« Last post by Brett H on 17/03/2019, 09:35 PM »
Wow. Amazing insight. Thank you so much!
Have your say / Re: Climate change threatens world coffee supply
« Last post by mycuppa on 17/03/2019, 08:10 PM »
It’s interesting Brett because it’s very rare a coffee is offered at a discount because of its age.

What astounds me is that everything that’s imported somehow seems to find a home, even the lost dogs.

Brokers don’t mark down a coffee and many are guarded or borderline deceptive when asked “how old is this lot”........have even caught out some lying (roasters talk amongst themselves).

Fresh lots are always the preference for roasters but those that need to fill a requirement adopt a beggars can’t be choosers stance. There are times I need a certain origin and varietal and when I go looking it’s a choice of 1, so you pay the rate and try like hell to polish it into a gem.

You don’t haggle or bargain for green coffee, unless you are buying a container upfront, but generally you pay what’s quoted and get on with’s not like buying a new car. I’m sure in the low grade segment there’s a bit of game playing but n the specialty segment it’s already tough to sort the keepers from the leavers.

Coffee prices are relatively low at this point but other input costs like gas, rent, compliance, packaging,  logistics and marketing have all risen by 400% in the last decade, so when you look at standard inflationary factors like CPI, then the cost of the ingredients have become a smaller percentile and yet margins continue to shrinking ni.

When green prices spike, and it’s not a matter of if, but when, then some will be caught with their pants around their ankles.

I’m calling it a correction around October or November this year.

Roasted Beans or Blends / Re: What coffee am I drinking at the moment?
« Last post by UNM on 17/03/2019, 03:09 PM »
Today I am drinking...

Centre Way blend, from mycuppa.

Been a long, long time since I bought commercial beans, but a friend at work was ordering some decaf and I saw the Centre Way so thought why not.

Bit disappointing  as a short black, but I have been experiencing some problems with the Caravel recently  - more on that separately.

Thoroughly enjoying it as a pourover though. Nice hazelnut and chocolate notes, with good acidity.

Have your say / Re: Climate change threatens world coffee supply
« Last post by Brett H on 17/03/2019, 11:08 AM »
Very interesting read Jeff!  Thank you... i knew coffee was traded like any other commodity but had no insight into how. The parallels to Gold are certainly there aren’t they though gold isn’t a consumable (outside of $2000 burgers). How does the perishable nature affect pricing and avilability? Is this year’s crop more expensive than last? I know the mystique of wine-like vintage applies but surely old beans are cheaper than new!? Are their too many variables between storage and wank to make a ‘rule of thumb’ assessment?
Have your say / Re: Climate change threatens world coffee supply
« Last post by mycuppa on 16/03/2019, 10:48 AM »
Brazil is seeing some adverse weather conditions and this is likely to add to the already negative sentiments regarding farm investment, so the cycle will change.

The mood in some origins is pretty bad to the point farmers are replacing coffee crops with alternative produce or just mothballing their estates until prices rise, willing to skips a season if necessary.

Sumatra, Costa Rica, PNG, Ethiopia, Kenya all command high differentials in the market.

Today, I pay 300+% more for a Kenyan than I do for a high quality specialty grade Brazil. Its 250% for a Sumatran and with the shortfall in Costa Rica the coming season it will be 200%.

In any market, there are segments and for quality coffee, asking prices are still high as more consumers seek better tasting beverages and roasters lift their quality metrics to adapt to the changing tastes.

When supply tightens in the quality segment, as it does around this time at the tail of the current season (Centrals) whilst awaiting new crop in few months, prices firm.

Coffee is a game of speculative supply versus demand, it’s traded in cycles that are 8+ weeks in front of where we are at today and there is a large chunk of hustling involved around definition of risks.

It’s a shame that the only part that’s reported is the bottom level commodity rate that bears absolutely no resemblance to what ships and sells in many markets, in fact it’s so far off the mark the numbers are not even relevant or realistic.

Have your say / Re: Climate change threatens world coffee supply
« Last post by admin on 15/03/2019, 10:45 PM »
as you know, we've been concerned about the coffee producers for some time; latest article from the Fin. Review (sourced from Bloomberg); have attached as a jpg, since the AFR is subscription-only

Roasted Beans or Blends / Re: What coffee am I drinking at the moment?
« Last post by Simon on 05/03/2019, 10:20 AM »
Just for something different today, a magic ;). Using my Yirg that I roasted a couple of weeks ago, a tad darker than I'd wanted the roast to go (a bean I've struggled a bit with roasting!), but it's going ok strangely as a double ristretto!

22g in, y22.4g out in 33.4s, 3/4 filled
Well it's been 5 1/2 Years with the Sunbeam EM7000 (13 1/2 Years with the Sunbeam Cafe series starting with the EM6900) but a new era is upon me.
After dipping the toe in the water with a Breville Smart Grinder for Christmas, the transition is complete and I now have a Breville BES920.

Initial observations :
  • Slightly bulkier than the EM7000
  • Scared the crap out of me when I first powered it up...very, very noisy...but this appeared to be on initial startup only (thankfully)
  • Noise on Espresso pour about the same as the Sunbeams
  • Love the simple method of unlocking the base so it can be slid in and out of position
  • Love the fact you can refill the water reservoir from the top flap at the front (Sunbeams were from the back)
  • Dislike the small rubber tab on the Steam Wand...burnt my fingers three times before I decided to take greater care (EM6900/EM6910 were also small Tabs...but EM7000 has a larger tab)
Funnily enough, I originally complained about the long rubber tube of the EM7000...go figure.
  • Would prefer the Steam Wand on the left like the Sunbeams (right hand to hold the milk jug)
  • Love the quietness of the Steam Wand (no pulsating like the Sunbeams did)
  • Missing the Milk temperature guage that the Sunbeam had

Now we wait and see about reliability.
Espresso Machines / Re: I bet you feel silly now.
« Last post by Brett H on 01/03/2019, 02:31 PM »
Wow!! If I'd only known....
Looks like a cheap knock-off of a cheap knock-off of a Francis thingy... :D
Trying to decide if its lazy journalism/incompetence/taking the piss?
But thanks for the laffs  :laugh:

Exactly! Welcome mate!
New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / Re: I'm new here...
« Last post by Brett H on 01/03/2019, 02:30 PM »
Hi Steve and welcome! We’re grateful to you for joining us and look forward to your contribution. Remember however, if you want to spruik your business you have to become a sponsor. Welcome mate!
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