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Yeah the whole article smacks of media hype I vividly remember going to same said cafe mentioned in the article when they were exclusively using Slayer machines for pressure profiling, and watching the baristas when they were busy running shots from anywhere between 15 and 40ml per 'standard' extraction, and then wondering why I couldn't taste any coffee in my coffee - yep, it's business as usual and nothing new to see here folks !
Have your say / Re: challenging old espresso methods: new research
« Last post by mycuppa on 23/01/2020, 09:14 PM »
Hands down the biggest load of rubbish I’ve read in the last 30 years.

Not surprised as the primary participant of the article, that Melbourne company, is a rampant attention seeker......Creating controversy in order to generate publicity.

Remember TDS, open shots and a few other fads that passed.

If you read between the lines, they even admit their methods produce a bland, mediocre result.......lacking complexity and the wow factor all espresso enthusiasts seek.

It’s a nothing story on a slow news week......cafes don’t focus on espresso, they strive to make a variety of beverages that cater for a rapidly growing menu of choices, mostly with milk or milk alternatives.  Pure espresso is such a niche in Australia its almost  insignificant. 

And to close this off, hopefully to bury it....... Australia has for a long time been doing their espresso remarkably different to the traditional and enduring Italian methods........100% arabica, lighter roasts, fruitier lots, larger doses, etc. and pressure profiling......

Nothing to see here folks, just a momentary brand exposure moment.

Have your say / challenging old espresso methods: new research
« Last post by admin on 23/01/2020, 04:03 PM »
Hi guys, don't know if any of you've read this; or what you think? Pretty interesting:

I guess we shouldn't just assume the Italians know everything about the best way to brew espresso coffee - seems great that people like this are pushing the boundaries... what do you think? Has anyone tried brewing this new 'low pressure' way?

Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by LeroyC on 17/12/2019, 04:45 AM »
I told you someone more learned would know more about it than me. And yes, MTC Group have an office in Auckland to supply the NZ market. As do Langdon Coffee Merchants since earlier this year. (They’re a Melbourne based broker of some very nice specialty coffee).
Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by Simon on 16/12/2019, 10:58 PM »
Ah fascinating Jeff... cheers for that!
Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by Brett H on 16/12/2019, 10:49 PM »
Amazing insight... thank you Jeff!
Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by mycuppa on 16/12/2019, 08:59 PM »
MTC Group was started by Andrew Ford who was originally involved in Mountain Top Estate, the Australian coffee grower.

MTC have been around for a while and typically supply specialty grade. Yes, their coffees are nice, as are many brokers.

We do buy coffees from them and have done for more than 6 years. They typically have a larger presence in Sydney, but there are roasters all around Australia and to a lesser extent NZ that use them.

Andrew moved to Asia to develop that market for MTC and the local Australian team has been working quite well, although the segment is still small compared to the broader market.

Around 10 months ago MTC was sold to Sucafina who is a global trader, say tier 2. It’s a really good fit and Andrew deserves to be applauded as Sucafina has strong depth in Europe and some parts of Asia, along with excellent sourcing from Africa, which is really a strength for Sucafina.

It’s almost a perfect fit. All the MTC Australian team inherit a larger portfolio and broader source channel and Sucafina gets exposure to the somewhat influential Aussie roasting market and some greater emphasis on specialty.

There are also other really good brokers in Australia that have exceptional coffees, often these are not published or hyped. Let me tell you the game of coffee is really tough....when I find a nice coffee I buy the lot to prevent anyone else getting hold of it......and plenty do the same trick.

Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by Simon on 16/12/2019, 12:54 PM »
A pity really as the coffee from the farm was superb!
I actually think the farm is still running, the website is still going.. though the last post in the news section is there from a year ago... but it seems to still be running.. maybe by different folk?
Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by Brett H on 16/12/2019, 11:54 AM »
A pity really as the coffee from the farm was superb!
Green Beans / Re: 2019 Green Beans
« Last post by LeroyC on 16/12/2019, 10:48 AM »
Just looked into it, yep you're right!

"MTC originally evolved out of the successful Australian coffee plantation Mountain Top Estate. We no longer run the farm, as our importing and trading operations have grown to encompass a much more global focus."

Well there you go.
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