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K_Bean_Coffee / Forum drama - setting the record straight
« Last post by K_Bean_Coffee on Yesterday at 10:53 PM »
That’s so much for your chin raising post.
It’s always good to hear from others who understand the way that the other forum operates.

Your final point is a great one:
Play your own game it well and it will reward you in the end.
That’s exactly what I’m doing and I’m happy to report that it is rewarding and I’m on the right trajectory.

Thanks again.
Also, last night after posting I got a few messages of understanding and support from other members so thanks to you guys as well.

Onwards and upwards and away from the dark and into the light :)

Cheers again :)
K_Bean_Coffee / Re: Forum drama - setting the record straight
« Last post by mycuppa on Yesterday at 08:45 PM »
Paul, I know you don’t want a conversation in this forum about what happened over’s important to know that more than a few decent souls have been burnt and some of them end up here where it’s less intense or bitchy.

I also had a run in with the owner a long time ago who banned me for no apparent reason other than a possible or imagined threat to his own business.

These days I tend to think it’s quite hilarious actually and I’m glad to spend my time creating value for our own clients. That world over there is just a very small and insignificant microcosm of a much large free and open market.

All I can suggest is let it go mate.....after a while you will work out it can be at times quite a dysfunctional and tedious arena in any forum whether it’s coffee or any other interest or topic.

Play your own game it well and it will reward you in the end.
K_Bean_Coffee / Forum drama - setting the record straight
« Last post by K_Bean_Coffee on 13/11/2018, 09:04 PM »
Hi there members,

Many of you know me (Paul) as an ex member and ex sponsor of another forum.

I had quite a wild ride and would like to set the record straight with anyone wondering what went on in that sandpit.

There are 3 sides to every story and you’ll find mine by searching for the name of the “other forum” on the K Bean Coffee Machines website.

Please take a look but don’t post comments here as this forum really is too clean and fresh for drama. That’s why I’m not going to name the other forum here or post a direct link.

Espresso Machines / Re: Getra ME-709 Steam Problems
« Last post by askthe coffeeguy on 12/11/2018, 05:28 PM »
That's a thats a tough one if you're there long term maybe consider buying another machine the sunbeam is a pretty good work horse compared to a lot of the machines out there 
Espresso Machines / Re: Getra ME-709 Steam Problems
« Last post by getra on 08/11/2018, 11:43 AM »
Sorry Pat, forgot to respond to your pump comment.....

I am sure it is not a pump problem as the machine still makes great coffee and the is no problems with the delivery of hot water out to the steam wand.

Note, as you can see from previous post pic, the water from the pump enters the hot water thermoblock and actually flows thru the steam thermoblock, thru the flow control solonoid then out to the wand...

Gary ...
Espresso Machines / Re: Getra ME-709 Steam Problems
« Last post by getra on 07/11/2018, 05:18 PM »
Thanks for your reply Pat.

Live in Bali mate but refuse to take it to a local service agents as I don’t trust any of them any more after they butchered my Sunbeam Intuitive EM8910 and rendered it useless…

When my infrared heat temp gun arrives, I will open the coffee machine again and check thermoblock temps and perform some live voltage tests and let you know results.

I think it may be either a faulty steam thermoblock thermostat cutting in too early not allowing the steam thermoblock to get up to steam temp (around 120 Deg C) or a faulty steam thermoblock NTC sensor thermistor that tells the control board to pulse the relays off and on until they come up to temperature for the steam.  Will get back to you after performing some more tests.  Would love repair manual......

Have enclosed photo of Getra ME-709 thermoblocks, components and wiring.

As you can see, two thermoblocks in series, first one for hot water and second one for steam..

Espresso Machines / Re: Getra ME-709 Steam Problems
« Last post by askthe coffeeguy on 07/11/2018, 08:15 AM »
hi Gary, 

I'm not familiar with that machine but if it's a problem with the steam pressure it might be a pump issue?

where do you live ? if you can't fix it yourself it may be worthwhile taking it to a local repairer?

any photos of the machine in question?


Espresso Machines / Getra ME-709 Steam Problems
« Last post by getra on 06/11/2018, 01:58 PM »
Hi all,
I have purchased 18 months ago, a new Getra ME-709 automatic coffee machine (same as Merol and Pronto ME-709 models or China model No SB-CM709). It has been working fine but just recently, it has been failing to deliver steam from the wand, just spitting water with a little steam. It's not producing sufficient steam to suck up milk using the (milk delivery and frothing device) to froth the milk anymore. But the machine still makes great coffee and the delivery of hot water is all ok...

I would dearly love to source a service/repair manual so as to determine and fix my ME-709 problem but I have exhausted all avenues on the internet. Can someone direct me to where I can source one please?

My research has given me some insight into the workings of automatic coffee machines and their boilers, thermoblocks, solenoids, thermostats, NTC sensors operation etc but still need some direction to fix my problem...

I have performed basic resistance tests on the steam thermoblock components including heating element, thermostat, NTC sensor thermistor, overload thermistor and the hot water/steam delivery pipes and solenoid and they all appear to test ok?? Maybe the main board has a problem??

I have not performed any "live" voltage tests as of yet...

I have purchased an infared heat temp gun to check the thermoblocks temperatures but still waiting its delivery..

I would be so grateful to any responses......

Kind regards
Have your say / Re: Moka coffee pot - an insult to good coffee?
« Last post by LeroyC on 04/11/2018, 06:13 PM »
If you ‘boil the crap out of it’ you’re not using it right. Unfortunately it’s true that more often than not this is the way a moka pot is used. I’m sure I could make a moka pot brew that’d be adequate for most coffee fanatics even if it wasn’t the best thing they’d ever had.
Espresso Machines / Re: Espresso Machine Photo Gallery
« Last post by JohnA on 04/11/2018, 05:16 PM »
here's what I've got on my bench at the moment:

La Rocca Verona Expres Single Group, and a Fiorenzato Ducale Two Group, wired with a relay switch to run of 10 or 15 amp !

Both of which I use for my coffee catering, depending upon the size of the job !

Both E61 groups and I'm pretty happy with the quality of coffee they produce, with long, slow, and consistent shots not a problem!

wow, love that dual e61 machine...looks brilliant.
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