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New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / Re: I'm new here...
« Last post by beltranespinosa on Yesterday at 11:06 PM »
Hello, I live in Miami, Florida, USA and I love coffee. After many years of drinking the regular coffee made in an italian espresso moka device, I asked myself, "Why can't I make coffee as good as in a Café, at home?". Well, I began with a DeLonghi bottom of the line machine, and from the first try, my coffee was incredibly better than the
dark beverage I used to drink. Then, things got complicated. I upgraded to Gaggia Classic and still grind my coffee with a Capresso grinder that I bought with the DeLonghi. I have one latte in the morning and a cappucino in the evening, and that was my problem, the milk didn't look as good as the coffee by itself was. I learned about single boiler, heat exchanger and double boiler. Now I have a Baratza Sette 270 and the Lelit PL60PLUST, model Diana with 2 boilers and 2 pumps. Sounds great, does it?. Well not so fast, in United States we have 117Volts 15Amp household electrical outlets and in order to cope with the power of the 2-1300W heating elements of the Diana, the current changes from one element to the other at the rate of 4 seconds at a time. Besides being happy to say hello to this wonderful forum, I'm looking for some input about this matter. I would like to know if I can override the PID and connect the steam boiler directly to a different outlet so that it can be on all the time with the logical limits of the thermostat of the heating element. All this is just about to be able to brew and steam at the same time without seeing the steam power  going to 0.4 bar. The latte that I make is really good, (I use Rwandan Dark Roast Hole Bean Coffee) and makes my life very happy, but the steam matter annoys me a lot.
Thank you for your welcome to your forum.
Home roasting - All about the culture / Why do you home roast?
« Last post by ThePiccoloChaser on Yesterday at 09:27 PM »
I started out roasting mainly for practical reasons. Our coffee consumption was growing and home roasting sounded like it would be a cheaper option.  Haha.

Fortuitously many years early at our wedding we had been given a suitable bread maker and so the roaster project was a step closer ... 🤡

Later after repurposing my camera tripod and getting a heat gun, temp probe and a cooling setup the roaster bug hit 🤣.  The world of trying all those different beans and tastes.

Then it was the Behmor. Only much later on I gave the popcorn roaster a go for some fun.

More recently I've been experimenting with the old Behmor and heat gun again to try a combo of radiated heat and more hot air.

Interested in getting a larger capacity roaster  soon and dedicating that to my late mum who was a frequent spruiker of all her kids ventures.

Certainly been a fun adventure so far.  Great to hear how others have gotten in to it.
New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / Re: I'm new here...
« Last post by lordvader on Yesterday at 09:14 PM »
Hey all !

My names Michael. Came here after purchasing a Profitec 500 off Paul (K-Bean).
Look forward to hanging out here !
nah I've got a fair sized coffee gig in September which I need one for but fund's are tight presently so I might be better off renting ...
Im also in the market for a compact 2 group saving my bickies at the mo though...


Do you know what you're going to get?
Home roasting - All about the culture / Re: Why do you home roast?
« Last post by Simon on Yesterday at 02:21 PM »
Hahahaha so true, always starts out simple then gets complicated

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Home roasting - All about the culture / Re: Why do you home roast?
« Last post by 211bma on Yesterday at 01:48 PM »
Another question I could ask is "why don't you home roast?"
It's so simple and has so many pluses.
Anyone who doesn't roast should  just run out and buy a $30 popcorn maker right now IMHO :)

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Yeah, it's simple until it gets complicated!

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New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / Re: I'm new here...
« Last post by K_Bean_Coffee on Yesterday at 01:03 PM »
Reasonably long time coffee drinker and occasional CF lurker.
Welcome TPC.
It's really great to have you here :)
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New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / Re: I'm new here...
« Last post by askthe coffeeguy on Yesterday at 11:54 AM »
welcome Im a mad coffee convert

didnt start drinking the stuff till I was 30yrs old and began managing fine dining restaurants pretty much around the clock averaging 4hrs sleep per night so naturally coffee was the only affordable legal way to stay awake

since then ive

* managed the first fully owned italian coffee franchise store in australia (segafredo zanetti espresso in hardware lane)

* multi site managed and troubleshooted for a bunch of coffee stores, restaurants, and bars for the ubiquitous Salvatore (the one and only)

* owned my own highly acclaimed cafes in melbourne for 12 years

* written for numerous industry publications

* now im consultation to cafes and producing my own (non coffee) range of products for cafes

* and im studying my cert 4 in TAE to become a hospitality trainer having moved to SEQ from melbs last year!

I still roast my own on a couple of bemore plus, and I just did a coffee catering job last weekend using my own gear for a local tennis club!

greetings and welcome from patrick aka askthecoffeeguy!

Home roasting - All about the culture / Re: Why do you home roast?
« Last post by Simon on Yesterday at 11:47 AM »
I keep a notebook (havent gone down the temp probe/software yet). The more detailed notes you take of temp outside, beans, crack, profile used, resting period time and taste at different resting period times the better. You get a great sense of your blends and what you can do with them.

Yeah for sure I record every other factor that I can, and it's more a matter of 'guesstimating' when SC will occur based on past roasts, then subtract 30s or 1m from that time as my end time. (I rarely take beans to the first snaps of SC... Only do so as a gauge to know roughly how long after FC it occurs, but I never seem to get great results from many first-snap SC roasts...)

Madaxle, I'm curious what your method is, do you record start of FC, end of FC, and stop your roasts at a certain time based on when you think SC will occur?

And for sure it's different with each bean as to what point to stop the roast in between FC and SC... not to mention what profile to use which I still haven't gotten the hang of nor understand very well..

With me I have to say that I was taught to home roast by my grandmother back in the 60s
She was a home roaster before this internet thing was even imagined

I have always home roasted more for Greek / Turkish style coffee
This was done in the African style in a pot or pan - and I perfected that technique

A time came when I was getting more into espresso style coffee and needed to find a way to roast to that style and in larger quantities

In the end I had to build my own roaster using my mechanical engineering background
The KKTO Roaster was born - about 2008

That original roaster design is now approaching 3000 roasts and still using the same components
Only the Turbo Oven was replaced / updated

Now I roast 1 kg batches regularly and like experimenting to find unreal out of this world blends


Ah that's a cool story KK :)

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