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Espresso Machines / Re: I bet you feel silly now.
« Last post by Kjarsheim on 28/02/2019, 05:21 PM »
Wow!! If I'd only known....
Looks like a cheap knock-off of a cheap knock-off of a Francis thingy... :D
Trying to decide if its lazy journalism/incompetence/taking the piss?
But thanks for the laffs  :laugh:
New Here? Drop in and Say Hi. / I'm new here...
« Last post by Bialetti on 28/02/2019, 12:55 PM »
Hi to All,
Steve here from a very hot Adelaide.... I have joined this great forum in search of any advise, feedback etc as we have just launched a capsule machine into the Australian market. As sole distributors we need to understand where the coffee market is heading, how to get the best reach to the consumer and any tips around articles and content. We have cafe owners in our business, a distribution base specializing in predominately Italian food and a willingness to learn. Would be great to hear from anyone and look forward to being an active member.
Coffee Industry related subjects / Re: London Int'l Coffee Festival
« Last post by admin on 25/02/2019, 05:15 PM »
hi guys, for anyone interested in going to this, here's a link with some of the main features/seminars they're promoting:,655E8,V2LHNB,O5IUK,1
Off-topic / Re: seems like the coffee order was a right cock up
« Last post by real coffee on 25/02/2019, 08:32 AM »
And that’s why I gave up on latte art. Everything I did looked anatomical

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Social / Re: MICE :: Melbourne 2019
« Last post by Simon on 17/02/2019, 09:36 PM »
Also, the bag they gave to everyone with free goodies when you enter the expo had 2 litres of almond milk. My mum and dad both don't like almond milk, so they gave theirs to us, so we ended up with 8 litres of almond milk XD. It's actually really delicious!!!
It's done......Breville Dual Boiler Review coming in March  ;)
It's done......Breville Dual Boiler Review coming in March  ;)
Espresso Machines / Re: La Cimbali M100 versus Elektra Indie
« Last post by johnmichelle73 on 14/02/2019, 01:28 PM »
Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated.
Espresso Machines / Re: La Cimbali M100 versus Elektra Indie
« Last post by mycuppa on 13/02/2019, 06:30 PM »
JM73, I think you have already answered your question in the last sentence.

If you have bad water, then steer clear of most those machines, especially LM or anything with stainless parts as these will not last unless you are an expert in controlling the water pH and you install multiple filter systems.

Sub-standard water = expensive service and repairs full stop. No buts or maybe's - it's the cause of most failures on espresso equipment.

In this regard, stick with an Expobar if your local techs have access to parts and expertise. The return on investment and reliability should be your #1 priority, then followed by features. Forget brand reputation or "promise" - means nothing. Machines are only as good as the nut behind the wheel.

If you are planning on running a machine in a cafe and likely to experience "busy" periods, even if it's only a few times a day, then go with traditional style machines, otherwise stability and recovery are going to result in greater inconsistency.

Espresso Machines / Re: La Cimbali M100 versus Elektra Indie
« Last post by johnmichelle73 on 13/02/2019, 02:09 PM »
I am purchasing from reviews and hoping for the best.  No-one local has either of these machines, they seem to stick to La Marzocco here. I also found a San Remo Verona RS that I like. I absolutely need an auto-milk frother and would like the digital group head temperature controls and 15 to 20amp. We have the worst water in Qld here, I like the Indie because the water for the coffee is not sitting in the boiler, they tell me it comes from the mains and is pre-heated through the steam wand boiler.  I am still learning and very confused but would appreciate any feedback. A huge factor in my decision is servicing and repairing too, the Technicians here only fix the popular brands (La Marzocco, Expobar etc) because they don't know much about the aothers. I was also considering the Expobar Diamont or Expobar Onyx pro purely because they are easy to get parts for and a technician here could fix it quickly if I have any issues.
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