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Espresso Bar Launch

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Hi Folks,
We have just opened up the new Espresso Bar inside our homewares shop in Annandale.  Tomorrow morning (Saturday 10th) Paul Bassett will be making free coffees alongside our very talented barista Travis Ashton, from 9am


  • Congratulations mate!  Don't forget to load heaps of photos here for those of us who can't make it.  All the very best for tomorrow!
  • Photos would be great, and if anyone is going to pop in, enjoy yourself.  I wish I lived close enough to visit! :)
  • hi MTP, hope the launch went well - photos please! cheers, Pat
  • Here are a couple of photo's of the launch....Paul's coffee was a huge hit and he was very generous with his time.  For those who don't know, his coffee is described as a "sweet desert style espresso".  I would say that it has a really rich flavour,  not at all bitter that leaves a wonderful taste in your mouth.
  • congratulations of the launch hope it all goes well - I like the mexican day of the dead inspired decor! 
  • Thanks.....Now we just have to build on the opening and keep the momentum happening :-)
  • Nice to see you have designed the cafe around your own ideas and design criteria and not follow the sheep herd, and that is a selling aspect. Nice to see also you invested well in your grinder and Marzocco Linea. Good product, innovative cafe and plenty of smiles. Formula for sucess.
  • Thanks Gary,  the cafe is an extension of our existing homewares shop.  We focus on ethically sourced products and have a lot of item from the Americas. Also  the standard for coffee is pretty high in the Inner West,  we have taken it pretty seriously and are trying to offer as good a product as possible
  • All the best on your new venture  :thumb: Melbourne is definitely the coffee hub of the nation KK 
  • You know we're in Sydney ??? :-)  Our Barista is from Melbourne and he always telling us that everything is better down South
  • on 1352697450:
    You know we're in Sydney ??? :-)  Our Barista is from Melbourne and he always telling us that everything is better down South
    Well there you go A little leeway for a bloke from Brisbane :tearhair: KK
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