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MICE 2020

HI guys, just a quick 'heads up': be in Melb from 4-7th May, if you can!

"The Melbourne International Coffee at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre in Melbourne, Australia from 4 to 7 May. MICE2020 will also host the World Barista Championship and World Brewers Cup. The events will bring national champions from more than 50 countries together to compete for the world titles"


  • Yessssss! Most likely will be there, it's so strange that it's from the Monday to Thursday this year instead of the usual end of the week... I wonder why... maybe suits the WBC times better for competitors... ?
  • This is an event that you just can’t miss if you love coffee. I went to the big coffee expo in Tokyo this year and it was only a shadow of what you can get in Melbourne. We are very lucky here :)
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