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Not Coffee John!

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Ok - this topic has been raised before but I still haven't come to any satisfactory conclusion so I would be interested to hear what others think...

The other day I went to a local cafe just a few miles up the road from where I live, but not one I have been to before

The place looked new-ish and pretty slick and had the word 'espresso' in its name, so I figured the coffee must be good

And don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad cup of Joe.


  • Mmmm, maybe you could fake being a home barista and ask him a few basic questions and see how he handles them, then other up some I heard this and that type responses and see how he answers them. If he's all knowing and arrogant tell him there's a good cafe and mobile stand he should check out then school him if he checks it out and your working. ;D
  • If the coffee was ok then i would say nothing and be happy knowing that i make better coffee. there are other places that make great coffee so keep going back to them to show them support for going that extra distance to make there coffee special. LE Go. cafe
  • Give them another try, you never know if the pbtc was filling a shift. For all you know the regular barista is great. If it tasted ok at 5 sec pour then that holds promise. If they stuff it up twice there is no excuse. PS How did you go in the barista comp. I sat my judging accreditation this year and participated in the Qld comp.....very interesting and impressive. To anyone that wants to knock the comps I suggest getting along and seeing what they are about, they are great for our industry!!!  
  • Unfortunately in the two weeks leading up to the comp I had a permanent staff member in hospital for the first week then out of action for most of the second which left me carrying the can... Also, the crucial rehearsal time which I had set aside on the weekends was the only real time I got to spend with my family, after a couple of very busy and long hour working weeks So at the end of the day I chose to spend time at home with my 1 yr old daughter, and I wasn't prepared to compete without adequate preparation Was very happy with my blend, though, and now that the comp is over I can happily reveal the magical ingredients: 40% Sidamo 30% Sigiri Estate 20% Indian Mysore 10% Sulawesi Kalosi The blend has just the right amount (IMHO) of creamy / biscuity / buttery characteristics complimented by burnt toffee and cinnamon spice, with a floral / citrus top note! Oh well... if I cant use it for the comp, at least I can drink it at home, and I am thinking about introducing it at work as a house blend! Anyone have a low-down of the finals? ACG
  • OFFICIAL PLACINGS Champion         David Makin Runner-Up        Erin Sampson 3rd      Simon James 4th      Cassie Ann Lawry 5th      Con Haralambopolous 6th      Toshiyuki Ishiwata 7th      Zoe Delaney 8th      Aaron Kindred
  • I had the good fortune to be a sensory judge at the prelims for the Barista champs on thursday last week and got to try alot of coffees. David Makin was a worthy winner, loved the signature dirink with raspberry vinegar sorbet made in front of you with liquid nitrogen ! Special mention must go to Erin Sampson from Coffee HQ, she made a  mistake in the prelims but held her nerve and made it through her routine and really showed her talent.  It was therefore great to hear that she placed second to David she deserved it and she will be someone to watch in the future ! Simon Day is another polished performer who has great attention to detail with his performance. It was a real eye opener to watch these baristas go at it, it is a really difficult task to do what they did, I don't think anyone except maybe toshie didn't have the shakes at some stage.   Well done to all of them, and unlike what you may expect there were no primadonnas, just passionate baristas !
  • Isn't that four in a row for Makin? It's going to take a super-nova to knock him off his pedestal! ACG
  • David could be beaten, but it would take alot.  He is well resourced, organised, does alot of practice and listens to judges and improves his weaker areas (although weak may not be the right word).   I hope he wins the Australian title and goes on to place higher in the top ten this year. But he could be beaten, for first timers like Erin Sampson coming second there are talented new players.  Also Cassie (Delany?) has a lot of potential, and on a good day Con can give anyone a run for their money.   Right now David has the poise and professionalism to take him the extra mile, he will improve but so will the others.
  • ACG, would love to try it!!!! Care for a little swap there? send me a pm. I agree about David, he is a polished performer and it's a great team at Veneziano there too. Going to the worlds last year showed them the standard of the worlds best and exactly what it takes to place on the top level. I reckon they are a team to watch if he wins at nationals. But the others are all looking at that level and working torwards it themselves. Absolutely brilliant for raising the level of all proffesional baristas!!!
  • Hi guys - i know this topic started out as 'off topic' but it's actually taken a turn to covering a substantive issue [ie barista comps] so have shifted it to 'have your say' cheers -A
  • Cheers NZ roaster ! I might also point out that all three place getters used Veneziano coffee. Thay are a switched on bunch, who also supported the practice of all competitors in the comp. with their machine at first pour (their in-house cafe). Let's hope the victorians bring it home this year again !  
  • I might also point out that all three place getters used Veneziano coffee.  
    As did 4th and 5th
  • All were good, but I had a soft spot for Toshi's, he roasted his own at St. Ali and I really enjoyed it at the prelims.  I have not had Rawandan (sp?) coffee before, it was part of his blend and had an almost peach tone to it.  I guess that is a subjective comment though as there were coffees that scored higher. None the less, the quality was there in just about all of them, I won't say what I didn't like because I don't think it is fair. Carry on chaps!
  • They were all fantastic to watch, and it was really well put together. Justin has done a good job in keeping the actual event time moving well. But hey, how about some Kudos for Aaron Kindred?  16 yrs old in his first comp last year, and at 17 yrs old this year, was thrown in amongst the lions when having to compete against the likes of David and Erin, because the Tassie comp didn't happen, and he wasn't told until 4 days before that he would have to compete against all of Victoria. I reckon Azz is amazing for his age, and I'm proud of him. Wouldn't he be the youngest in the competition nationwide?
  • Hi Carlos - not sure if you intended to make this post here?? If not, let me know, and i'll shift it to the thread you intended. ciao -A
  • Yeah! I stuffed it! Cool man, thankyou. Carlos.
  • Hi, the coffee forum is very interesting...Basically I am very much interested in having Coffee at the early morning hours... cheers, suma
  • A good barista dosnt make mistakes. personally i hate getting bad coffee, i always take it back and explain whats wrong with the coffee (because they obviosly have no idea!) Then they usually make it again and its ok, but if its still bad i take it back to them again. I know i might seem like a meanie doing this but for 1 im paying for it and want my moneys worth but 2nd of all i hate it when these so called 'baristas' make a bad name for us.
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