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Australian Barista Comp

Anyone thinking of competing?

I'm certainly thinking about giving it a red hot go!

Although, having spoken to Mr Nang at length about what's required to perform at an elite level, I feel like I should've started my preparation ages ago...

I'm endeavouring to find out a bit more about the judging criteria, but I do know that one of the requirements is to come up with your own blend of coffee for the competition.

I've something in mind, but I'm keeping it under wraps for the mo!



  • You don't have to have your own blend. Although you will need a signiture drink. The trick with comps is to go through the check list of judging criteria in your routine. By this I mean make sure your routine covers everything that the judges score you on, nothing more or less. Practice your routine well and just make sure that it will score well technically, the sensory will come down to performance but there is no reason a well practised routine should not get high technical marks. If you would like help on this email me and I'll happily discuss some things.
  • I want to but i think im ready i will be venturing into it in the future though! You dont need your own blend just your own signiture drink. I know a few baristas that have done this and the best signiture drink a have tasted was a white chocolate and walnut mac. bloody fantastic, but took a bit of preperation which lost him the comp. my advice: try to make something good that dosnt take much time. Good luck! ;)
  • I havn't made a definite decision yet, but at this stage I don't think I will be competing next year. But if anyone is interested I would be happy to run a barista jam/comp information day, I am Sydney based though. Scottie
  • An original espresso blend also goes a long way towards wooing the judges I put a lot of time and effort into competing but had to pull the plug at the last moment, as one of my full-timers developed a kidney infection, and was hospitalized for a week! It takes a lot more preparation than I originally thought. Not sure if I'll compete next year or not, but I do still have the blend I developed, and the glassware etc which I bought. Still, you have to allow a lot of time to get your routine ready! Best to start now! Cheers, Pat
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