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how much coffee do you drink?

edited September 2007 in Have your say
hey guys, just wondering on average how many cups of coffee you would drink per day?
I roughly have 6-7 a day


  • About 18 shots per day since changed to 5 senses. LE
  • For me I find it's directly proportional to the quality of coffee i'm surrounded by.  If it's crap I (eg/ if i'm at work and have run out of my own stuff) i generally won't have any at all, but if i'm surrounded by decent stuff usually between 4 and 6.  If the coffees really awesome i might even sneak my way up to anything like 15!...seriously!!
  • When it s busy at work i.e. during semester,  I tend to drink less, coz it's so damn busy I don't even have time to scratch myself!  Seriously, I get to work between around 8 am, and the next time I look at my watch it's 2pm! Often during semester I'll only have one or two coffees in a day! It's outside of semester that I tend to drink more, as you're cruising along, and then, BAM!, you get slammed with a (mini) rush, and I'll often knock bac an espresso to pick myself up! It also depends upon how much sleep I've had the night before, as all you parents out there will know, that having a little one keeping you up at night is not exactly conducive to productivity! So sometimes I'll drink up to 7 double shots in a day, but I am making an effort to cut down, by now mostly drinking single shots, with and half milk (in between a piccolo and a latte), or, more likely, little or no milk at all... Cheers, Pat
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