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Service Model 'problem'

Our service model is 'order and pay at counter'. We implemented this because we used to get a lot of people 'forgetting' to pay (stressed out mothers with screaming kids, old folk, and some frugal customers who just play the game. it meant we were constantly running down the street after people which was embarasing for all parties concerned!

I feel I have 2 issues:

1) I am potentially losing out on 'second rounds' of coffee.
2) Customers are obviously happy to sit for extended periods of time not consuming anything, as they are not being asked by wait staff if they want anything else or just the bill. That affects my table turnover rates and therefore capacity.

Anyone got any suggestions on how to tackle these two problems without reverting back to a full service model?

I thought about getting staff to go to tables and clear down while customers still there and ask if they wanted anything else, then take money there and then, but I think that would just be very confusing for all concerned...

Any ideas greatly appreciated.


  • Is it possible to go full service and 'bound' the area so people who might neglect to pay must go past the till so as to be reminded.  Its not as though you need to erect a fence, a combination of planter boxes, hanging plants and wind breaks can remove convenient exits without being too imposing, leaving 2-3 exits which can be your pass, till and service stand [or whatever you call the thing where you store menus, napkins, cutlery and cleaning things]
  • Hi Go with your first thought, it has worked well for us for the last 2 years. and if someone wants just one more coffee get the money when you deliver it but if they want several more things ask them to go to the counter so you can write down the order. then you can get them to pay and it keeps your orders in order.  :) LE
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