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Quick Melbourne Coffee Trip

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Well the first stop on a flying trip to Melbourne has been done. Stopped into Naked Espresso to catch up with the gossip from Tom and Shanny. New 2 group lever now sitting beside the 2 group Linea turning out some great coffees as always.

Chocky Croissant went down well with the other party but would have preferred it washed down with a little doggychino foam  ::) Gratuitous Naked Bag Rubs and Pats from the customers were also approved of being the pat tart that he is.

More as it unfolds  :)


  • Really lovely sweet Panama Indian Geisha at Proud Mary (grown in Panama) light tannins, nice citrus and sweet as a Siphon. Not sure on the history of the Indian history so a little research may be in order. Slight change of plan due to a bike pickup sex on wheels but photos of that in the bike thread  8) Looks like Foxy Brown for lunch seems as I am in Northcote already.
  • Couple of really nice coffees from askthecoffeeguy aka Pat at Foxy Brown. Great lunch and the iced dripped Ethiopian Guji coffee finished it of nicely. Interesting from just putting in his first Siphon in May last year (my last visit) lots more manual brewed gear and sales of it since.  :)
  • Home after 14 hours and nearly 800km and 6 coffees onboard so a big day out  :coffee2: Using a beer to help reduce the bounce. After a couple of work type calls I made a dash to Monk Bodhi Dharma mainly to have another look at a floor mounted Diedrich IR3 and a coffee. Late Friday and 1 seat available so I got a traveler. Amazed on a Friday afternoon when I worked in Melbourne it was time for a beer or a wine seems Coffee is making inroads.  :) Also picked up a small bag of Rwandan BUF for Siphon over the next few days. Driving up and back in a day makes a good reason to take the bike on the train but dog would need to stay home. UNtil next time Melbourne it was fun  :thumb:
  • Mate, I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy and having a break? :stir Great bread and pics! 
  • Hey Tim, that's an impressive coffee schedule for one day - glad you could make it to Foxy Cheers, Pat
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