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Getting to know Attilio of Cosmorex Coffee

Okay so it is with great pleasure that I get to post the interview with Attilio of Cosmorex Coffee !
Feel free to comment and ask any questions that you think should have been asked but weren't...

Q. Describe yourself & where you live. Hobby/Industry Background etc?
A. Caucasian male, m + 3 children, having dual cultural heritage and fluently bilingual. Serious, small medium professional coffee roaster and business person / south eastern NSW / owing to extremely limited time available outside of working hours, prefer to be very private about personal interests. Grew up in a coffee merchant home and have therefore been in coffee business since childhood. On the Panel of Judges RASNSW Fine Food Coffee Show, accredited AASCA Barista Judge. Member of both ACTA and AASCA. Rather than enter my own coffee in the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, I find it much more useful to be able to sit on the judging panel and see what the standard of everyone else is like. To me that is more useful than the possibility of winning an award for my coffee, because the unfortunate trade off would be to miss out on cupping (tasting)  "the rest "  to see where the bar has been set in the stakes for good quality. The year-on-year improvement is fantastic to witness and gives me an idea of where we are at!

Q. Describe your business if applicable.
A. Serious, experienced small medium sized professional coffee roaster. I describe my business as being a "complete" coffee merchant business encompassing coffee roasting and associated wholesale and retail sales, espresso equipment import and sales, training, in house equipment service section, in house roastery sales and coffee accessories showroom, in house cafe. Embracing the use of state of the art roasting equipment and technology in Australia. With my wife as a full business partner, at the forefront of serious modern coffee business in Australia.  One of the attributes of which we are most proud, is that  our group of award winning blends and SO's are nothing more than our "stock" blends and SO's that are delivered on weekly basis to our cafe and retail clients. They were not roasted or treated in any special way before being submitted.

Q. How


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