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Getting to know Neil from Ministry Grounds

It's my pleasure to be able to post Neil's answers to my standard set of questions....
Q. Describe yourself & where you live. Hobby/Industry Background etc?
A. In my mid 50's, married to Robyn, four adult children and two gorgeous grandchildren. Live in Springwood, NSW, which is in the beautiful  Blue Mountains.
For most of my working life I've been a full time Pastor with the Anglican church in and around Sydney. Coffee has been a big part of life for the last 12 years or so, and fits in perfectly with Christian ministry - both being highly relational.
But it's time for a change and at the time of writing we are planning to go part-time ministry and part-time coffee (see next answer for more details).

Q. Describe your business if applicable.
A. Ministry Grounds Coffee has only been a serious hobby business interest for the last 3 years or so. It grew out of a home roasting hobby and a desire to source more beans and share them with other home roasters. It still has its roots in that zone, as a source of high quality beans for home roasters, as well as the rapidly growing roasted coffee side.
Increasingly, we are concerned to be sourcing traceable, ethically-sourced beans of exceptional quality. WHile we are too small for true direct trade, buying through agents like Mercanta is the next best thing.
Up till now, all of this has happened in our spare time, fitting around a very full time pastoral role, but that will soon change as I go part-time in Ministry Grounds, while maintaining a part time ministry role.

Q. How
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