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2008 World Barista Champion

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and the winner is...


2nd/Australia (Mr David Makin)

Congratulations to all the competitors


  • Congratulations to stephen on a fitting win, and also to david makin on a great performance - 2nd in the world is a fantastic result especially considering some of the great routines that I observed online! Cheers to all who competed and who contributed to getting the event off th ground Pat
  • An awesome competition. Congratulations to Steven for his win. Special congratulations to Dave and his team. I believe the difference betwen Steven and Dave was only 5 points. JD
  • Yes, congratulations David - second, at this level, is an impressive performance indeed. Congratulations to Steve also - have to admit I was pretty amazed when James from the UK won last year [having lived in the UK and being aware of the general level of espresso coffee there], but Ireland?? Formerly the best known beverage from those fair isles was Guinness, so that's pretty impressive! Well done! -A
  • Firstly, Let me congratulate all 51 competitors throughout the 4 competition days. For the 4th year in a row I have had the pleasure of being chair of the Judges Certification Committee for the WBC. Everyone involved has made a huge effort in maintaining a high standard for the baristas to work. The volunteers, judges, scorekeepers, runners, etc are always unsung heros - congratulations and thanks. Having the opportunity to Head Judge this years final was again an honour and
  • Hi Justin - thanks for that; actually just a quick reminder to members that we have two Australians heavily involved with the WBC - both Justin [head judge], and also Emily Oak [who writes with Crema]. Great to have two Australians involved at such a high level! -A
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