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Danes Gourmet Barista Competition 2008

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Calling all Baristas!

Danes Gourmet Coffee are proud to announce the launch of their 2008 Grand Barista Championship (GBC)!


  • Hi guys - just a reminder about this for NSW forum members - a great event... by the way, it's not only David who went on to win the Australian's after this - am pretty sure Scottie Callahan was involved in a number of Danes Comps, and possibly even Paul Bassett as well? -A
  • Hi guys - this was held last weekend, at the Manly Yacht Club in Sydney's North Shore. For the record, the results were: Habib Maarbani  270.00 Jesse Hyde 231.75 David Seng 209.00 Mark Bell 201.75 Angus Mackie 171.50 Congratulations to Habib Maarbani - sounds like we'll be hearing a lot more from you! -A
  • g'day all, just wanted to drop a quick (though belated) line to congratulate all the finalists of the danes grand barista champs this year, and to sincerely thank all the people at danes for putting on such an awesome day. manly yacht club was a great venue and we were lucky enough to have a sun-shiney day to make the water views that extra bit amazing. comp was run without a hitch, and being able to make coffee for the crowd on the balcony i thought added a really comfortable feel. the audience were able to experience the baristas' work first hand rather than just trusting the judges choices and i think that really added to their enjoyment of the day. it also gave each of us a chance to socialise and get to know others in the industry. cocktails and canapes to round off the day was a lovely touch. again, fostering the feeling of togetherness, everyone was able to unwind, have a drink, and just chat to everybody. definitely the most fun i've had in competition. my hat goes off to all those who made it possible. and hey, should you find yourself in westfield liverpool, swing past morgans kitchen and i'll whip you up a wonderful coffee. Habib :c)
  • Congratulations Habib on a fantastic result! May there be many more to come! Pat
  • Hi Habib - good to hear from you - will definitely try and swing by! -A
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