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Barista angst article ex NYC

Hi guys - this is pretty funny, but also raises some interesting issues...

take a look:


  • Good find A, and its a shame that when someone has had enough and speaks out with what is essentially the plain truth (as seen by them at the time in their own reality), other people bag them out....for speaking the truth as they see it....people cant handle the truth, Jack Nikolson said so to Tom Crooze in some army film or other, so it must be true. So, the writer of the artikill takes on the opposite and *moral high ground* and instead of taking on board the interesting, silly and funny sociological ramifications of it all....baggs out the person that told the truth and hopes to get on the readers good side. Didnt work for me. The fellow just needs a bex and a bit of a lie down and he'll be able to get on with it again....and a more credible line of discussion would have been for the "journo?" to look into his background to understand what has brought him to this....I'm sure there would be a ton of great anecdotes to share with the readership....instead of kicking him while he's down, and delivering a very lightweight / cheap read. It seems a shame that in order for someone push their own barrow, they have to do it at someone else's expense in this case the tired bar wrister. anyone else?
  • Arh yeah... "convoluted"...lost me  ;D :laugh: :laugh:
  • Personally, I really enjoyed the barista's comments. I have read some other articles written by the journo, and do not like their style of prose. Reminiscent of certain people I know; but you cannot always dodge family, even distant members. :head: Couldn't resist and clicked on the Slayer Advert at the top of the blog. It lead to Slayer, and an article about Aussie cafes. They showed one that did 40kg per day (according to them), and had a 2 and 3 group Slayer. The 2 group was mainly used to steam milk. I suppose it is also a back up machine, but to invest those sorts of dollars simply for steaming milk seems a bit over the top. Love how they point to the fact that you can steam all day on a Slayer, which is fine , but other machines at a much cheaper price do the same thing. I suppose you need a Slayer for milk steaming if the staff are really good, and that is the only way to keep them. :stir
  • Oh dear... "I'm sure there would be a ton of great anecdotes to share with the readership....instead of kicking him while he's down, and delivering a very lightweight / cheap read" Beautifully articulated but spare a thought also for the Journo: as the unemployment cues grow for journalists and writers, and their industry is being made seemingly redundant integrity becomes a distant memory and popularist dumbed-down mediocraty the new meal ticket.  Heaven forbid should one of the readership have to open the tab!  I too would have much prefered a more indepth article with hilarious anecdotes about the stupidity of customers, but given the journo probably wrote and posted the article from his local Starchucks... wherein he was coincidently submitting his Resume...
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