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Brazil Daterra Estate - Opus 1 Exotic low cafine

Anyone else tried it? 

I have some only about 5-6 days post,

shots look good still waiting for the flavors to develop

starting to smell really good.

The girls want decaff so I got a couple Kg of green from BG


  • Yep, it's good stuff. I used to do a 60/40 blend of this with the columbian swiss water processed decaf for a very low caffeine brew while my wife was pregnant. Very, very good for decaf.
  • Naturally low in caffeine, so easier for us home roaster to roast without temp probes and the like! It's a great bean! :)
  • I am finding it lasts longer too 14 days post and still good.
  • It's my favourite Decaf out there!  Our 50/50 blend of this with he Columbian Supremo Decaf is still our fav!
  • I am using it as a base for my blends now, I mix my blends in a big shot glass then put into my grinder, I weigh the amount of normal beans, say 5-7 grams then fill the rest up with the Daterra to make a 19 gr double EP basket and the result is a big tasty coffee that is only about 35% caffeine full flavors without all the jitters!
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