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WBC Finalists

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Great day at MICE today;

World Barista Champ Finalists [including times they will be on tomorrow]:

1. 11:45 William Hernandez, Viva Espresso, El Salvador

2. 12:25 Nick Clark, Flight Coffee, New Zealand

3. 1:05 Francesco Sanapo, Italy

4. 1:45 Colin Harmon, 3FE, Ireland

5. 2:25 Pete Licata, Parisi Coffee, USA

6. 3:05 Matthew Perger, St. Ali, Australia

Pic of finals group on:

World Brewers Cup
Finalists are the champs of: Sth Korea, Hungary, Brazil, UK, US, Canada

[Lachlan Ward from Aust. didn't make the cut]

Congrats to all - has been a great day!



  • Will it be Australia's turn to take 1 st place Go Matt Purger Go you good thing  :thumb: KK
  • There is a great thread over on HB about Matt's innovative approach to the WBC this time.
  • on 1369478847:
    There is a great thread over on HB about Matt's innovative approach to the WBC this time.
    Gee thanks Galumay ... In the spirit of openness however, happy to leave this up (unlike some other forums)  ;)
  • I have never understood forums that try to stop the sharing of information, surely thats what the internet is for? One of the reasons I love this forum is that there is not that sort of petty shortsighted moderation. We should be very happy that an Australian Barista features in a thread on what is probably the world's most active and largest coffee forum. Back on topic, Matt has made it into the final and I am about to pull an espresso into a frozen cup to test the theory!
  • The results are in as I watch live on Live-stream Place 1 - USA - Peter Licata 2 - Australia - Matt Purger 3 - El Salvador - William Hernandez 4 - Ireland - Colin Harmon 5 - New Zealand - Nick  Clark 6 - Italy - Francesco Sanapo Scores are Posted -  we've got the scores for #WBC2013 - USA [631] Australia [619] El Salvador [596] Ireland [561.5] New Zealand [540] Italy [535] KK
  • Thanks KK, yes Pete Licata from the US is officially the new World Barista Champ 2013, closely followed by Matt Perger [not Purger]... it was a great competition and in fact for the US, makes it a unique double, as Erin McCarthy from the US won the World Brewer's Cup 2013 [results were announced a little before the Barista Champs]. It was a great event, and credit to all the finalists as there were some amazing performances. Did Matt P. miss out because of the unique nature of his signature drink [asking for judges' involvement]? We will never know for sure. What is certain is that it's a real 'coming of age' for coffee in the US, which many of us have perhaps viewed as quite 'behind' when it comes to specialty coffee... Once again, a great event and congrats to all the competitors, especially those from countries where English is not their first language, as that surely must make for an extra barrier. A PS have a huge range of shots from the event [especially semis...] will try and work out the best way to make them easily accessible.
  • Kudos to all involved and respect to Matt - I thought he totally nailed his routine !
  • a couple of pics of Matt P. doing his thing, including him instructing the judges on how he wanted them to treat their do-your-own 'de-constructed' drink
  • Ok guys - have been discussing with Kelsey the best way to load these as it seems like the 'Gallery' on Crema Mag itself doesn't get much use [we're looking at a 'social media' -type option, so if anyone has any recommendations, let us know]... in the meantime, have condensed some shots into a slideshow, which starts with the semis at the WBC -[eg William H. from El Salvador, Nick Clark from NZ] and progresses thru Matt P. and onto Pete Licato, the eventual winner. It's on the Crema 'TV' on the home page - just click here: cheers A
  • Tumblr with a litle effort and layout or Instagram is quick and easy ? KK
  • Hi guys - have now loaded the 'official' world coffee events video of Pete Licata's final performance on 'Crema TV' - home page! cheers A
  • great performance and kudos to the commentators who make what can be a very technical performance into  a very entertaining event!
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